The Mentalist Review: A Wicked Game

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As many fans suspected after last week's episode, Patrick Jane was playing a long con. A very long con, and all in the hopes of luring out Red John. But in "The Crimson Hat," who really got played?

I loved the opening sequence where Jane meets Lorelei. Even the music set the mood, as Chris Isaac's Wicked Game played in the background. 

Jane Meets Lorelei

When Oscar told Jane that the dead mother he claimed to have spoken to had actually wasn't dead - but had run off with her aerobics instructor years ago - I literally laughed out loud. Jane's response? "That explains why she was so easy to contact."

Jane loves telling people what they want to hear. Of course, this time - along with getting paid handsomely for it - he also nearly got both of his legs broken. 

Apparently Red John had a generous streak. If he had to send a messenger, he couldn't have sent one more gorgeous. Then he ordered her to pay Jane's bail, sleep with him and cook him breakfast. What more could you ask for?

Patrick finally ended up in bed with someone and it ended up being a Red John disciple. A stunningly beautiful disciple, but still. That definitely tarnished the moment.

Unfortunately, Patrick didn't share his plan to snare Red John with anyone, including Lisbon. Teresa looked worried sick sitting in that church, praying for guidance on how to help Jane. It had been six long months and for once, I think even Jane felt guilty.

Horror was the only word to describe the look on Jane's face when he realized that the price for being allowed into Red John's inner sanctum was Teresa's death. 

From the look on Lisbon's face I couldn't tell if Jane had let her in on the plan when he walked into the CBI. Then, I realized that her shocked expression was due to his words, not the gun he pulled on her. In this The Mentalist quote, Jane told Lisbon,

 Good luck Teresa. Love you. | permalink

... just before he pulled the trigger. Apparently it was the last two words that threw her.

So do you think Darcy's the mole in the FBI? Red John only said he had a friend there. Once Darcy blew the whistle lots of other agents would have had the same information and could have passed it along. But what made Darcy so suspicious that she went down to the morgue to measure a faceless corpse? Who would even think to do that?

In the end, I wondered if Jane was going to lose a finger and I was sure they'd open that limo and find it empty. Instead Darcy opened that door to find the dead but horror-filled eyes of Luther Wainwright. Oh, what a terrifying way to die. 

From the moment Wainwright came on the scene I figured he was either Red John's next victim or another disciple. I really wish I had been wrong.

When Lisbon finally found a battered Patrick Jane what struck me was that she didn't touch him. She actually sat a couple of feet away as she asked if he was okay. He's the one who reached out for her hand to hold.

Will we see Lorelei again next season? Why was Jane so sure he could make her talk?  Will the rest of the CBI team forgive Jane for his long con and how it ended?  Is Lisbon now a target nd who in Hell is Red John?

The Mentalist managed to keep the Red John saga going for another season and delivered yet another twist. A wicked game, indeed.


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Grace from CBI is the mole. RJ was lying when he said he had a mole in FBI. How can he always be a step ahead of Jane? because somebody so close to him is a mole.Grace! Why people from CBI were kept in secret about Jane s con RJ believed the whole story.


I think Jane will be romancing Lorelie to get information about Red John. His real love is Lisbon, but he must conceal it in order to protect her. Van Pelt is the only other member of the team to understand and will remain Jane's friend.


Just watched the first rerun, which featured Lisbon's brother and her niece. Reminded me again that this HAS to be a lead-in to later episodes involving the niece (Annie). What a great pair she and Jane made, with him teaching her to pickpocket and her being so quick to see what was happening and help her dad and Lisbon get Carmine O'Brien. Jane said, "Well done - Lisbon family! Will it end up also being Jane's family? That would be great. If we don't see more of Annie starting with Season 5, Bruno Heller and the writers should be fired.


Here is my take. Patrick Jane, (Simon Baker)can pull off anything and any way the story leads. I would like to see Christine to show up again. Most importantly - I could sit and watch Simon Baker sit and watch grass grow for the rest of my life !!!!!!!!! What a BEAUTIFUL male specimen.


@GST: RJ could be Jane's father because he has mentalist skills, which are necessary. However, he does not have the charisma to sucker people into his operation (but what a con that is!). But maybe he does. He certainly suckered that woman into buying that magic crystal, thinking it would cure her granddaughter. He and Jane were also at odds over ethical principles, so that might account for RJ's behavior toward Jane. Regardless, good possibility. Jane would be put in the position of having to kill his own father to get his revenge. Sounds very Shakespearean. Could make for a highly dramatic ending. I might even go for this possibility instead of thinking it's Christina Frye (although she still has all the qualifications). I just hope the wind this up with Season 6. The hunt for RJ really is getting tiresome.


RJ is Jane's father


To all the complainers about revealing who RJ is...
They can't reveal RJ until the very end if RJ is Jane. And even if RJ is not Jane, it's in the shows best interest to have the question remain out there until the very end. Most people will keep watching and they know that.


I sincerely hope they stop the Red John story line soon. It's boring, confusing and pointless. Let's get back to Jane understanding things about people that others don't - and keep it light.


@huisclothes: yes, that would be unthinkably horrible if Lorelei turned out to be RJ’s lover, and the pregnancy! I guess we’ll just have to be patient and see how the characters and plot develop. The summer break is always way too long! :)


More about cult-like behavior. "Red John" may very well be a well known figure whose secretive operations are not known to the public (or not known to be especially nefarious), only to those closely involved in the operation. This stuff does go on in reality, but to discuss that here would take us way off topic. Of course, the RJ thing is somewhat overdrawn for dramatic purposes, but in its essential strategy it is not unrealistic. I even catch hints of where the writers are getting this secretive cabal thing in occasional off-hand remarks by characters playing bit parts.

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