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There is no info yet on whether the show will have a season 3.


@Bates: I think I read that in the Danish version the Holder character was killed.

Jan Meyer (= Holder) was killed in episode 17 or 18 of the first 20-episode season. This episode ("Keylela") is the 7th of the season and the 20th of the US show. That doesn't mean "our" Holder is dead ... but he certainly might be.

@Folgers: No one said that Linden's son never wanted to be with her.

You're right. He does want to hang with his dad (and Holder) but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to be with his mom. My point, though, was that his jumping out the window and her going along with it don't make sense.

If they want to [w]rap it up this season , this whole casino thing has to be the key.



I think I read that in the Danish version the Holder character was killed. I hope that does not happen to our Holder.

As to who killed Rosie. I'll stick with my original suspects, the mayor and-or the developer, with the help of the mob.


No one said that Linden's son never wanted to be with her. He is just as conflicted running around while she works this case. He understands shes deeply invested but at the same time wants a normal life. I do not think this cleaning lady story line is another red herring. If they want to rap it up this season , this whole casino thing has to be the key.


I agree that Holder is one of the best reasons to watch the show, but I think the fact that we didn't see him in the preview was just a tease to make us think he might be killed. Holder is one of the characters I truly care about, you want to see him succeed.

So glad there was no Mitch. I'm not really interested in Richmond or his staff either.

I have a feeling the whole casino story is another red herring, it's time the show gives us some real suspects, although I believe that in a good mystery you are watching these real suspects throughout the story, and not just the last few episodes.


Well, I guess the point of a good show or book for that matter, is that everyone comes out of it with their own perspective. I think the show is a very good drama. Unlike "cop" shows, you get well rounded insight into all the characters effected by the "Killing". It's not just about "who done it". It goes beyond the pale and invites us into the mindset of each one of the characters, why they chose the paths they did and the aftermath of their decisions. Very Good acting.


I return to the show for the acting, and hope in vein something will be exciting. Switched to another show and caught the recaps. Too many red herrings, not enough happening.


1. As far as I can tell, no one has announced that "The Killing" will not be renewed for a third season. On the other hand, the show's ratings are now similar to those of "Rubicon" near the end of its short run.

2. Holder better not be dead. While the show's ratings have fallen to the point where it probably cannot be salvaged anyway, killing Holder would be ... the last nail, the straw, ... pick your favorite cliche.

3. Linden, the cop, goes on the lam with her son ... because she can't think of a way to keep him from jumping out the window? Seriously? And this is the kid who doesn't want to be with her, anyway?

4. Stan has been great all along. If only the other members of the family were as well written and acted ... It was a relief to see none of Mitch and little of Terry. Too bad we had to see Richmond and his campaign staff.


Did the show get conceled? I haven't heard anything... I hope they'll resolve the murder before they cancel it.


I must have watched a different show. Linden is such a crappy mother that I can't imagine what Jack will become. On the other hand Holden is a better parent for Jack than Linden will ever be. I have to say I am not surprised that the show got cancelled.

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