Survivor Review: Everyone Loves Blindsides!

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Let’s review who loves blindsides on Survivor. Certainly the Survivor producers love them. We, the viewers, love them. Heck, even Kat loves them!


Oh, wait... too soon?

To paraphrase George Costanza “now that chick got blindsided!” Unintentionally, Jeff set Kat up for one of the best (note: not biggest) reactions to a blindside even this week on Survivor. She probably would have cried regardless, but getting her quote moments before being voted off was tremendous.

Blindsides are always fun and exciting!

The slowly building shock on Kat’s face as the four votes for her were read was priceless. I was actually surprised she kept it together for the first three votes before she was finally eliminated on the fourth vote and became the new Pictionary definition of shocked. As far as I could tell she had no reason to suspect any votes.

The fun did not end with her tearful exit from Tribal Council. Kat’s water works continued in the confessional and she did not disappoint. The overly emotional Kat begged Jeff to let her back on Survivor so she can redeem herself. 

Sorry, Kat, you were not interesting enough this season to bring back for another run.

While Kat’s departure was highly entertaining the more interesting development this week was actually unspoken. The first half of the episode revolved around Alicia’s obsession to get rid of Sabrina because she is a threat to win. Then Kat foolishly didn’t take Tarzan and Christina on the reward with her and the focus switched to Kat. Alicia even jumped on board with getting rid of Kat because she suddenly became a threat after literally hanging in with Kim at the immunity challenge (more on that later). 

What is completely being missed is who the actual threat is – Kim!  How do the girls not realize that Kim’s a shoo-in to win the season right now?  For starters, she’s unbeatable in the finals right now. With Troyzan gone she could easily win every immunity challenge the rest of the way as well.

Oh, and, she has an immunity idol. She probably won’t even need it.

Certainly once Kim won immunity it did not make sense to discuss how to get rid of her. But no one talked about it before she won immunity anyway. What are they all missing? 

It turns out what the other five players are missing is not anything they should be seeing, but rather the wherewithal to notice something as obvious as Kim’s dominance in the first place. This is not a very savvy group that Kim is controlling to get herself to the million dollars.

Alicia somehow thinks she’s running the game. However, as Kim so eloquently put it, she’s delusional. Christina actually seems incapable of thinking critically. Tarzan doesn’t care. Chelsea does whatever Kim tells her.  Kat wasn’t smart enough to notice and is gone now anyway.

Only Sabrina is left. On the surface Alicia, Kat and Kim appear to be correct when they say that Sabrina’s smart enough to pull something at the end and win the game. Based on her confessionals and actions in the game, I agree. But action to back up how she is perceived has been lacking.

If she’s smart enough to win the title, why hasn’t she once brought up how powerful Kim has become? She has never attempted any sort of move.  She rarely seems to have opinions about who should be voted out that are based in strategy. 

I still have faith in her to come up with something to challenge Kim. However, she needs to survive next week in order to be in position to overthrow Queen Kim.  Moves are made when there are odd numbers left in the game, not even. If, say, Christina is sent home next week Sabrina’s move should be to get Tarzan and Alicia to vote with her against Kim.

(Yes, I know Kim has the idol and will likely play that with five people left. But Sabrina doesn’t know that, so logically this should at least be the way she’s thinking. So far she hasn’t even demonstrated that she’s thinking about how to get rid of Kim at all).

I’d be remiss to end this review if I didn’t touch on the pathetic effort at the immunity challenge. Prior to the challenge I had Kim at even odds to win with Sabrina in second place. She barely put up a fight. After that everyone knew Christina, Tarzan and Alicia had no chance. Chelsea giving up was disappointing. Kim was the only one who seemed the least bit willing to try and fight through pain to win.

The way most of the survivors simply gave up this week was disappointing. The challenges that test will are always my favorite because they typically result in either great battles or interesting negotiations. I give Kat credit for trying to hang in. The rest of ‘em? Disappointing.

More from this week:

  • Kat’s bizarre, we know that. However, her “relationship” with her male cousin was really unusual. They are best friends, work together and live together? He doesn’t sound like her cousin, he sounds like her boyfriend. I know she’s from the south, but I thought stories of incest were just rumors.
  • How thrilled is Sprint with Alicia’s great job of promoting their product placement?
  • Why was Kat embarrassed to lose to someone who’s 28? Ages have been really skewed on the show this season. 22 isn’t that young and 28 certainly is not old.

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