Revenge Round Table: "Legacy"

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We aren't done living in 2002 just yet.

Following a trip back in time on Revenge, the TV Fanatic Round of Dan Forcella, Leigh Raines and Christine Orlando is here to relive "Legacy." How did the episode shape the opening season? What's to come on the ABC thriller? Read on. Chime in.


What was your favorite moment from the episode?
Leigh: Emily calling Nolan at the end and realizing that is was GAME ON. She was an amateur then and it only took one dip in the Grayson pond to make her realize she needed to up the ante.

Christine: I liked the very beginning where Amanda beats the crap out of the guy in the bathroom. She was already a little bad ass, just an undisciplined one, and Nolan was already on his crusade to look out for her.

Dan: I enjoyed the very beginning as well, but because we knew we were going to get this type of flashback episode. It was great seeing all of old faces again and to see what Amanda was like back in the day.

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Best hair from 2002? Worst hair from 2002?
Leigh: Surprisingly, Nolan's hair was way better in 2002. Worst hair had to go to Emily. Or Jack. Jack, it's 2002, not 1992. Come on.

Christine: Oh my God! What was up with Jack's hair? It was hideous. Like Leigh said, this wasn't 1992. What was he thinking? And, surprisingly, Nolan's 2002 look was a win.

Dan: While Nolan's was definitely a huge step up from his terrible mop top in 2012, Victoria's beautiful mane will always win the award from me. Yes, worst was, of, course Jack. I'm surprised that Leigh didn't like it, though, given her affinity towards all things Tim Riggins.

Which revenge victim were you happiest to see back?
Leigh:  I actually enjoyed seeing Treadwell because of his open disdain for Victoria and Conrad. He wasn't pretending to brown nose, he knew what they did and even though he played a role in it he's the one who sent that card. He was one of their accomplices most willing to mess with them. He wasn't going to be won over easily.

Christine: Frank! I've always felt they killed off Frank too soon. Victoria's henchman could have been a lot of fun over several seasons. Damn Amanda and her crow bar!

Dan: Lydia. Maybe it's because I always think of her as the sweet Allegra Cole on Hitch, but I've loved Lydia since day one. I was angry that she was pushed aside so early, so it was nice to have her back, if only for a short while.

Were you surprised that Emily couldn't protect her father's only friend, Roger?
Leigh:  I absolutely wasn't surprised. Emily had no experience or tact back then. She wasn't careful, she had no clue how to protect herself, let alone protect other. Poor Roger.

Christine: No. She was still a little naive as to how far the Graysons were willing to go to keep their secrets. She learned quickly that no methods were off limits to protect the family.

Dan: A little bit. I was hoping Emily's talents came more naturally to her. I thought she just got a feeling that bad things were going to happen - kind of like a "Spidey Sense" - and then acted on them. To find out that she had to learn what to do over time just makes her less of a superhero in my mind.

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