Revenge Round Table: "Absolution"

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Is Daniel Grayson truly his father's son? Or might Emily's fiance be plotting some kind of long con against Conrad?

Such are the questions our Revenge Round Table is wrestling with following last Wednesday's terrific "Absolution." Gather around now as Matt Richenthal, Leigh Raines, Christine Orlando and Dan Forcella break down the latest episode and look ahead to the final installments of season one...


What was your favorite moment from the episode?
Matt: Conrad's drunken admissions to Daniel. Sometimes, simply, one-on-one conversations can be the most mesmerizing, as Homeland proved this year on "The Weekend." But should we assume Conrad told Daniel EVERYthing? No way, right?

Leigh: "Aunt Carole meet Amanda Clarke." Also, I liked when Aunt Carole pulled the gun on Emily because it's not often that she's taken by surprise. Emily expects everyone to do what she says and suddenly here's this insider who didn't buy her BS for a minute!

Christine: There were so many moments that surprised me, but I loved Aunt Carole pulling the gun on Emily and then Nolan walking down the stairs. It was great to see Emily so truly stunned. Also, the end scene of Emily brooding over a drink. She really expected more of Daniel.

Dan: My favorite moment was also Aunt Carole, but more so because now somebody else knows the truth. Things were running a little stale in that Emily and Nolan were the only ones holding the truth about what has happened.

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What will Nolan's aunt bring to the table for the rest of the season?
Matt: Really good cooking, I assume. Unless she's Jewish. In that case, just a lot of nagging and some bagels.

Leigh: I think Aunt Carol provided valid information that will help Emily. Hopefully she will serve as an ally and a comfort to Emily. After all, not many other people know her true identity.

Christine: If nothing else she gives Nolan even more of a connection to the David Clarke story. I feel as though he and Emily have bonded a little more.

Dan: I think she will be murdered quickly, probably by the Graysons, and not have much effect. Well, that is, other than the downward spiral it will send Nolan on.

What are your thoughts on Daniel's decision to back his father?
Matt: Dude is totally playing a long con, Sawyer-on-Lost style. I think he's just siding with Conrad now in order to wrestle control of the company away from his completely in the near future.

Leigh: I think at this point Daniel is lost and only knows life as a Grayson. His choices are Conrad or Victoria. Conrad told him the truth. That's what swayed him. He doesn't know Emily is really Amanda.

Christine: Disappointed but it made sense. It was idealistic to think that he'd turn on him family members, even if they deserve it. But now Emily can lump him in with the Graysons without regret.

Dan: Yeah, I was disappointed to say the least. I really wanted things to work out for Daniel, but now it's not looking good.

Who was at David's grave before Victoria and Charlotte?
Matt: Emily. I don't think this was meant to be a mystery, more of a tease regarding what steps Victoria might take to pursue who left the rose.

Leigh: Emily.

Christine: I believe it was Emily, but I'd be interested to see who Victoria and Charlotte think was there.

Dan: Will Charlotte and Victoria have any idea? Will they care? Will it be Victoria's new mission to find out? It raises a lot of questions.

Do you care at all about what Declan is doing?
Matt: On the show? Not at all. To get his hair ready for the show? Yes, and he provided a bit of insight in this interview at Paleyfest.

Leigh: I was hoping when Declan traded the UES for the Hamptons that they'd give him a haircut and clean him up a little. I'm sick of watching him get bossed around by prep school bitches.

Christine: Goodness, no. He's almost as boring as his brother.

Dan: Not even when he was on Gossip Girl did I care what Declan was up to.

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