Private Practice Round Table: "True Colors"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Private Practice Round Table!

Our Private Practice review broke down last Tuesday's "True Colors," in detail. Now, TVF staff writers Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica join newcomers Caitlyn Castro and Jarrod Mitchell for a Round Table Q&A.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from this week’s Private Practice episode?

Jarrod: Probably when Addison went off at Sam on his office. Honestly, he did offer to watch baby Henry, so why be such a jerk about it?

Caitlyn: Nothing really stood out for me in this episode, but I guess what I liked the most was the last scene between Cooper, Charlotte, and Mason. I'm hoping this is the beginning of this family functioning well. It might be a little too ambitious to think Cooper might finally grow up, but one can only hope.

Carissa: Charlotte: “There's only one child in this family Cooper, so get over it.”

Christina: For maybe the first time ever, I didn’t have a favorite moment. It was only an okay episode to me.

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2. Which medical case did you like more: the pregnant illegal immigrant or the child facing a gender identity disorder?

Jarrod: Probably the gender identity disorder. It was something different for Seaside Wellness, and Mason got to play a part in it, too.

Caitlyn: I was more interested in the GID case simply because it's something that PP hasn't tackled before. It was interesting to see Cooper and Violet work on it for two reasons. One was because it served as a catalyst for Mason to reconnect with Cooper and second because for once Violet didn't come out to me as her usual pushy therapist self.

Carissa: Neither. Far too politically charged for my taste and I prefer my TV to show both sides of the story, not slam their political leanings in my face. That's something The Good Wife and Boston Legal before it were always able to pull off very well - to show both sides of the story and not offend either side by compassionately examining both sides. Instead, Shonda clearly marked her personal views in the sand and didn't allow room for critical thinking. Bad move.

Christina: I liked both equally, but was more surprised of the former’s ending.

3. Cooper called Mason a jerk. Based off of last night’s episode, who’s the real jerk: Cooper, Sam or Pete?

Jarrod: I'd say Pete. I'm sorry Pete fans, but when his wife ran away, he lashed out at her like some crazy baboon, but it's okay for him to leave? Furthermore, isn't he basically pressuring Violet to get back with him? I highly doubt that jet-setting off would assist in putting your marriage back together.

Caitlyn: All three were incredible jerks to their significant other or to the woman in their lives. It's hard to choose between Cooper not apologizing to Charlotte, Sam getting pissed at Addison that he had to watch Henry (even though he offered), and Pete willing to go to El Salvador for a random patient. But if I had to choose, I'd say Cooper because Charlotte's my favorite and I think she's the one that least deserves the jerk treatment.

Carissa: A trifecta. Cooper is acting like he's Mason's brother instead of his father, Pete almost ran away to Guatemala with another woman and her baby to avoid his own (seriously???) and Sam didn't want a child of his own but now that Addison has one, he can't keep his hands off of him and yet angrily accuses Addison of forcing Henry into his arms. They're like the Three Stooges.

Christina: All were asses. I’ve got to pick Cooper as the biggest jerk of them all though. I loved when Charlotte told him to grow up.

4. When Addison came home realizing the nanny and baby Henry were missing, what did you expect to happen next?

Jarrod: I expected Sam to be holding him. Plain and simple.

Caitlyn: It took a while for it to click but when it did, I expected he'd be with Sam again.

Carissa: Exactly what did. But I didn't expect Sam to be such an ass about it. The men on this show need to grow up.

Christina: I guess I am far more gullible than everyone else on the roundtable because I totally was expecting the worst.

5. There are only two remaining episodes. Share the one thing you’d like to see happen most.

Jarrod: I am hoping for everyone to just be happy. That way when we enter Season 6, everyone has their fresh new start and challenges to face without anything else still pulling them back since last season. I'm also hoping for a surprise appearance by Audra McDonald. Sadly, I don't think that'll happen.

Caitlyn: Would it be too idealistic if I said I'm still hoping Charlotte is pregnant before season's end and they start the next from there? I guess it's pretty unlikely, but I'm really crossing my fingers for this to be their family's happy ending for the season!

Carissa: For the women to go on strike. For Amelia to have her baby and have a happy ending, knowing how many other children she was able to save by carrying her baby to term. For Pete and Violet and Sam and Addison to call permanent ends to their relationships. Enough already. They do not work. I loved what Jake said about not going back to the same watering hole (or whatever), and for Cooper to be a man! Take charge and show his new family how much they mean to him, as a whole.

Christina: If I had to choose only one thing to see, it would be for Addison to end this season with her undivided attention only on Henry. Although I was recently rooting for Jaddison, I believe Addie only needs one (little) man in her life for the time being. I can wait for Jaddison.

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