Private Practice Review: Unicorn Baby

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Wow. Let’s all together take a deep breath and sigh in relief for two reasons.

First, that was one heck of a season finale! Seriously, talk about intense. Secondly, we really ought to celebrate news of the renewal of Private Practice together. Although we can’t actually high five, rest assured that I’m just as enthused as you are to know we’ll see our favorite doctors once again.

Sam and Amelia

"Gone, Baby, Gone" mainly focused on Amelia going into labor. The Seaside Wellness doctors were at odds after all learning about Amelia’s controversial decision regarding her child's organs. The doctors questioned whether what Amelia wanted was actually murder and if it was ethical.

At first, I felt like what Amelia wanted was just what needed to be done. However, I slowly understood that what I thought appeared to be clearly black and white was indeed a very gray area. Nevertheless, I thought that Amelia’s choice was brave and amazing as her “unicorn baby” was very much a miracle.

When Amelia held her child and had only a couple of seconds to decide what to do next, I simply couldn’t hold the tears back. I thought to myself how incredibly difficult it must be and realized how incredibly strong she has been as she’s overcome such a great deal throughout this season.

I’ve said it before and I need to say it again: Caterina Scorsone was absolutely fantastic tonight. Every ounce of her pain and angst was perfectly expressed. This girl needs to totally be honored for her work.

And Baby Makes Three?

Elsewhere: There was lots of touching, making out and even more with Jaddison this week. However, as we all know, nothing ever comes easy for our girl, Addie. In fact, Sam definitely through a wrench into Addie’s new plans with Jake by professing his love for her and even proposing. Where did that come from?!?

Sure, it was nice that he finally manned up and decided to fight for her, but I’m with Addie. She responded to his rant by saying it was simply too little and too late. However, with Sam claiming he was all in and Jake on his way with flowers and Chinese food, we were left not knowing who she chose.

Who would you like to see Addison pick? I, for one, still want her to choose neither. She’s hardly ever been truly single and I hope she chooses only Henry. The men can wait.

Private Practice Season 5 Finale Photo

Meanwhile, Charlotte and Cooper shared some incredible scenes as usual. It’s evident that their love has never been stronger than ever. Every scene with Mason was also perfect, and I just love their family dynamic. I am really looking forward to what happens next for this family. Maybe Charlotte will be pregnant soon enough.

Thanks to the recklessly annoying Pete, there won’t be a Violet Annoyance Scale this week. Though he finally realized that he needed to cooperate and do whatever it takes to get back to his family, I hated how stubborn he was and thought he was absolutely ridiculous when he told Violet to just tell Lucas the truth about his whereabouts. Seriously? If that type of behavior persists, we might have to consider a Pete Annoyance Scale.

Other Memorable Moments

  • Sheldon and Amelia finally made up. They really are best friends, aren’t they?
  • As Cooper was speaking to Pete about stepping up and being a parent and husband first, I couldn’t help but to be so proud of Cooper. He’s come such a long way.
  • How many of you smiled when Mason asked Charlotte if he could call her “Mama” the way that she calls her mother?

Well, TV Fanatics, it’s been a pleasure. See you next season! Be sure to hit the comments to share your predictions for next season. Also, don’t forget to return later this week to chime in on our Private Practice Round Table.

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...Sam could be a decent guy, but because of his own insecurities within himself, he tends to pull down those that love him. It's up to Addie to make the best choice for Henry and no one else. That is what being a mother is about. Sam needs to know boundaries, you do not tell the nanny to leave, that's not his call. He is afraid of losing Addie and is willing to jump the gun in hope that all their problems would be fixed. Life doesn't work that way. Until Addison sees that, she doesn't deserve the loving care Jake has to offer either.


Addison needs to learn to make up her own mind and stick to it. When Addison got Henry, she showed so much maturity but then she slipped back into this 'choosing between two men' nonsense. Henry should be the most important person in her life now. Sam is immature. He acts like a child when he doesn't get his way and becomes spiteful as an act of revenge. When he was speaking to Jake after witnessing the kiss, he took out his feelings on the situation. There could have been less attitude there. Jake was the only one to show maturity from day one. Sam was ridiculous to think he could be with Addison and still support her choice to be a mother when he did not want children. He was naive to run back to her when she may have changed her mind slightly and he was also a jerk for lashing out at Addie when she tried to move on. Sam could be a decent guy, but because of his own insecurities within himself, he tends to pull down those that love him. It's up to Addie to make the best choice for Henry and no one else. That is what being a mother is about. Sam needs to know boundaries, you do not tell the nanny to leave, that's not his call. He is afraid of losing Addie and is willing to jump the gun in hope that all their problems would be fixed. Life doesn't work that way. Until Addison sees that, she doesn't deserve the loving care Jake has to offer either.


This is how you write a show, this is how you tell a story. You make your audience cry & then laugh & then cry some more all in the same episode. I love that Maison decided to call Charlotte "momma" like she calls her mom. I was teetering on the edge with tears because of of Amelia but Maison & Charlotte's seen just made me loose it. As i said...this is how you write a show.


I loved Amelia and all the cast this season one of the best season finallys ever!!!! Amelia's story line was very well acted and oscar and emmy material out standing!!!!!


Awesone awesome show!!! Amelia was simply outstanding!! Her acting was just RIDICULOUSLY FABULOUS!! I loved Charlotte an Mason's moment...and I don't know what we goin do with Lil hotmess can't get it together Addison...along with her hotmess men!! Can't wait till next season


They need some new characters in this show - there is too much "marrying your cousin" going on.
Great episode though and I guess I'm in the minority when I say I would like to see Addison with Sam. Agreed that the actress playing Amelia should be Emmy nominated.
Thanks for reviewing.


Loved the episode, the highlights for me where Amelia! she was awesome, i really felt for her and little unicorn baby :(, she and Sheldon, hes kinda of annoying to me, but still find him cute today, and finally Charlotte and Mason!! Mamma! That was lovely!!!! On the other side, hate Violet, i find her unnecessary and very overrated, and Pete...well i don't even wanna go there... Also Sam! I mean, come on, this is not felicity to be running around back and forth with the same guy. Addison should get a clean start with someone who doesn't carry all the emotional baggage that Sam has and he is too selfish and somewhat boring, and BESIDES you can't marry your ex-best friend ex-husband!! That's not cool not even in the Shonda Rhimes universe.


I thought Amelia was incredible in this episode, she deserves some kind of award. There was another episode too she was incredible in a few month back when she was using drugs. Great Actress!
Addison bores me!
I didn't like Charlotte in the beginning years but have liked her more and more over the years. I'm really enjoying her character. Charlotte was excellent too when the little boys mother was dying.
I really enjoy this show each week. Thank you


@Scarlett, I recall some back-and-forth about the ethics surrounding the harvesting of Amelia's baby's organs and whether the hospital board would approve it. However, I don't recall as clearly as you do the discussion of whether all of the surgeons could be arrested and their medical licenses revoked (perhaps because I was sobbing so loud). Regardless, the show proceeded to portray surgeons taking out a live baby's organs and sending them off to be used by others, essentially killing a baby whose life may have been brief but who was still alive nonetheless. And then two doctors had sex in a break room. Of course, we all deal with grief and ethical and moral struggles differently. But I would think there might have been a little more reverence given in light of the serious implications of these doctors' actions. Maybe next season these doctors will momentarily debate and then take a kidney from a comatose patient who really doesn't need two. The show's producers are responsible for opening this "can of worms" and, unless next season opens with sheriffs arresting all the surgeons and a huge trial, they clearly believe the lives of severely disabled babies should be cut short(er than their albeit limited life spans) for the "greater good." But what's an ethical and moral dilemma with significant ramifications, right?, when all the audience wants to know is who Addison ends up with.


Great review for a great season finale! The only thing I can say is: how can you only smile when, as Mason called Charlotte "Momma", she immediately teared up... smiles aren't enough... I could not control my tears! Charlotte has been my favorite character from the beginning, and I am so happy to see how far she has come. And Violet is such an irrelevant character for me!!! Why does one Grey's character need to die and Violet gets to stay? My Violet annoyance scale is definitely through the roofs.

Private Practice Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

I'm like that... all bomb-shelly.


I am shocked by just how much I genuinely love him. I want to take the pain away, and I know I can't and it just kills me.


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