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You need a Pete annoyance scale now. I used to love him but he's been an ass since his heartattack. Maybe his heart is defective now.

Amelia, omg Amelia, with her tough-don't touch me act so she didn't cry and her speech to Sam to convince him - that woman knows how to reach inside your chest and rip your heart out. Just like her brother that way! I cried every time she came onscreen. I had been so annoyed with her hate towards Addison and being so harsh on Sheldon lately but tonight she was flawless. Glad both of them finally pushed themselves back in her life when she needed them. I love Amelia with Jake too. He's been so good to her and the only one who got her throughout this. I wouldn't mind if he ended up with Amelia instead of Addison to be honest. I do like both of them. But only if they can be happy because Amelia really needs some happy and Jake is such a good guy - he deserves it too.


I'm tired of Addison's back and forth between men. She needs to grow up. Actually they all do. Pete's determination to be God, Sam's insecurity, and Cooper's inability to parent. The only one who is worth it is Charlotte. She has balls and yet can be the most caring and genuine. The whole show is based on who is screwing who. I don't think I'll watch it next year.


Not just the concept but actually showing the pieces of the baby being removed and the people waiting for the parts to shoot off and save other babies is what did it for me. It took real balls to create this baby with an actual face and body but no brain/upper skull and actually show it to viewers.

I really hope the show has the same balls when they decide FOR GOOD that Addison should be with Jake and not wishy-washy Sam who never knows what he wants from one minute to the next. If he was so adamant about not having a baby with Addison before and leaving the relationship, then he should stand by that. The whole "fight for you" spiel is old hat and at this point, having been through this before, Addison should learn to see through it.


Awesome show! Caterina, Emmy all the way! She pulled all of those emotions from way down deep, had to be hard as hell being actually pregnant! Done deal! Hollywood better recognize!

Addison chooses Sam, Jakes leaves the show. He got a little bit before he goes, but you have to remember that Kate and Taye are originals and make the show, they have to ride out to the end together! Last season people and it is 'TV' so Shonda can do what she wants. They are the most gorgeous and hottest couple on TV! Go AddiSam!!!! And that cute as everything, cheekie baby, Henry!


continued...for them in season 6. One, because I want you lot to like them again!! :) and two, because I think the show would not be the same without them! I'd like to see Pete back to practising alternative medicine and Violet and Sheldon back to arguing their cases(i love this shows insight into mental health issues). I hope Addison doesn't jump back into sams arms - i think she should to give this thing with Jake a chance (but hope they don't rush through their lovestory) - and i love benjamin bratt such a great addition to the show! All in all congratulations to a fabulous cast for a fabulous (albeit heartwrenching) season.


Loved the finale. I just love this show! Charlotte, Cooper and Mason - so cute. Amelia was absolutely incredible. I actually thought all the whole cast were incredible. There seem to be quite a few negative comments about Violet and Pete which makes me sad. It's been an difficult season for them - a lot of ups and downs but I believe in them and cannot imagine a PP without these two in it. They are part of the fabric of the show and great actors at that. I'm also glad one relationship is a bit messy and complicated because it keeps it real. Marriage doesn't come easily to all couples, its hard work and Pete's parents relationships hardly gave him insight into marriage and stable committed relationships. I have loved Violet and Pete from the beginning and will continue to defend them. I think they are both stubborn as hell but they are soulmates - at the end of the say they really understand each other. I am so so glad he 'compromised' and came home. I hope Shonda does something great for their characters in season 6. One because I want everyone on here to like them again! and 2 because I don't want them to leave the show. Would like to see Pete back practising alternative medicine rather than the ER. & I want Violet to be back arguing with sheldon over interesting cases (i love this shows insight into mental health issues). And I'm hoping Addison won't jump into Sams arms again and she will give this thing with Jake a chance - I'm loving Benjamin Bratt on PP!! (although i really hope they dont rush their lovestory). All in all well done to a fabulous cast on a fabulous (heartwrenching) season. :)


I love seeing addison and jake together - i hope PP and Shonda sticks to letting them being together.:)

Sam is fine and all, but i just dont like that they would stay together, due to his "i dont want more children". He wants addison - yes, but not children but she wants to be a mother.

Sam should find someone who have the same thoughts as he has. Having a baby is tough, and you cant just be in and out of that whenever it suits you.:)

Now addison is a mother and she should be with jake:)


I understand your point of view and your frustration. But nevertheless you have to understand that having a baby with no brains is rare. Also the baby can live while the woman is pregnant, but not when you give birth to it. The baby WILL die.

Im sorry if i hurt your feelings, but its the truth. You can see on a scanning session what the child looks like, and in PP you see in an episode that Addison scans Amelia and can see that the baby is NOT okay. Its Amelia's decision to give birth to the baby so it can save other babies.:)

I find that storyline so beautiful, coz there are babies that needs transplants.:)

The story is NOT about abortions or having the perfect baby, but about doing the right thing. :)


I think this show celebrates the perfect baby but no other baby has the right of life. The unwanted baby... The damaged baby... The parent who can't handle a baby... The baby who has the unfortunate situation of to not have the perfect future well those are all reasons to kill babies. On this show doctors and parents decide who have the right to live and anyone who argues that is wrong.

I am tired of how this show celebrates the disreguard of a right that's even unarguable in our constitution-- the simple but most important right, the right to life.

Maybe we should stop aborting babies. Let them be born and use their parts on the children we actually want. That probably was already a storyline.


I absolutely loved this episode. If you took out Violet and Pete from it, it would've actually been perfect. Amelia's arc has just been so heavy but at the same time great to watch. And as Shonda said, it was a really great backdrop for Addison and Charlotte to realize how far they've come. I won't say more because the 1000 characters limit will probably cut me off anyway but it was just a really great finale! I'm so grateful the show's been renewed!

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