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For a show about a super computer that watches your every move, to the point where you can't really hide any secrets, Person of Interest is steeped in mystery and layers of hidden truth.

Make no mistake, even amongst all the questions surrounding the characters and the created technology, the drama continues to reveal more and more while tying it to the plot and people at hand, rather than simply for the sake of disclosure.

There's a real sense that even with the open and closed case of the episode, the larger stories are connected, the themes overlap and the characters build beyond their most basic instincts. It's a forever unraveling of the world created without giving everything away.

So, where Reese's vulnerable past became exposed last episode, The Machine conspiracy found its way back to the forefront in "No Good Deed." The thriller aspects associated with the dangers surrounding pertinent information were played up heavily. It was spy vs. spy vs. spy in the ultimate round robin that focused in on fists, facts and Finch.

Finch & Reese Are Curious

Clearly every one wants a piece, in some form or another, of Finch/The Machine. Sure, Reese has been ever so slowly trying to wrap his head around the numbers that pop up, NSA agent Henry Peck simply wanted the truth a la A Few Good Men (he handled the truth pretty well, considering), and the shadowy puppeteer of Washington officials are willing to kill for any association with it. Let's not forget the now broken and nervous wreck, Alicia Corwin, who seems to have taken her own downfall because of the Machine, and perhaps wants a way to get her life back.

The Machine is top prize and while its uses are for good, Finch's flashbacks indicate the possibility of it being used for bad. And like the title suggests, Nathan Ingram's "good deed" to provide a fail-safe for the computer either led to his demise and/or the negative factions of government operatives that manipulate its uses.

Talk about conspiracy.

Of course, Person of Interest isn't without its action and it ripped in some great hand to hand combat scenes, some gun play with a two and a half men joke, and exploding cars. Did that bad guy not look like a version of Chuck Norris? The frenetic fight sequences are so entertaining that sometimes its easy to forget that this is a TV show.

But apart from the winding threads of the Machine and its abilities, was the eye opening and heartbreaking discovery that Finch had a fiance. Yes, the man who has trouble with "human interaction" had a four-year loving relationship that he was forced to give up to avoid putting her in danger.

I wasn't expecting that reveal and it was just another example of how the show finds ways to humanize and draw out emotion for its outwardly closed off characters. It's never too much to make you want to roll your eyes while at the same time it establishes the perfect peek inwards before shutting it and returning back to the larger focus on hand.

Because there is truly so much going on that even with one episode left, the possibilities of where the show can go are endless. And that's not to say that the variety of plot directions are left flapping in the breeze and forgotten. With a list that includes Elias, the computer hacker "Root," the corrupt police force "HR," the FBI/CIA war, and the Washington officials, there's so many battles Reese and Finch might have to face. That doesn't even include the wary connection of Carter and Fusco, or the haunted pasts of the main characters in their struggle to do the right thing.

And I love that there are so many outlets to take and that even with its fast paced combination of action and drama, it hasn't rushed its overall story. I'm all for the continuing exploration of the characters and their world if the show keeps up these solidly top notch episodes.

Person of Interest is the show that keeps on giving.


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Have to admit, the first couple episode's were kinda meh. But ever since the "judgement" episode, It's been edge of your seat TV. It doesn't feel like a TV show. At time's it feels like I'm watching a Scorsese Mafia flick or The Dark Knight, which is the biggest compliment I can give it, because that is what it feels like. I don't know where the current storyline/plot is in Season 2, but after watching this episode, I have no clue where this show is heading for it's finale. Is it Elias, ROOT, HR or the 'Illuminati' type figures in Washington. Yet there is so much mystery surrounding the 'machine'. I just picked up the Season 1 DVD a few weeks ago and since then have been glued to this show. Like I said, the few episode's made me go on a little POI hiatus. Decided to watch again being extremely bored, and have been blown away since the 'Judgment' episode. I've seen other's mention Game of Thrones, Dexter and other's. I gotta say, I love those show's just as much, but there is something about POI that separates itself from the rest. Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel both deserve Emmy's for this show. Looking forward to the finale and season 2. I'm actually getting Season 2 right now as we speak (*wink*). Can't wait!


If you like actor who plays finch and you havent seen the show lost, i would def check it out. His acting helps make that show. I am thinking about watching this show becuase of him.


well, if you are sure he's the potential faehtr, he does deserve to know about it. You should at least mention it to him. However, it is your body and your life, so thus, your decision to keep or not keep the potential child. Make the decision that is best for you. And try to keep it casual when you tell him don't drop it on him during a dramatic part of a convo also probably best in person. Set up a coffee date or somethin like that.


While it's obviously not as good as the golden 5 of TV right now (Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Homeland and Mad Men), it most certainly is better than show Dexter that has taken a nosedive in quality ever since the end of the fourth season. Person of Interest is definitely the best NETWORK drama on the air right now. Note I didn't say network show. Too many great comedies to choose from. Modern Family, Community, Parks and Recreation...

Sarah silva

I love this show!
I too laughed at the 2 1/2 men reference and my husband said the bad guy looked like Chuck Norris!
This was another stellar episod and I am so happy it is coming back in the fall!
Can not wait until the finale it will be an action packed hour!
I also liked seeing Michael Emerson's wife Carrie Preston play his fiancee and it was a nice change of pace seeing her. I also am glad that her voice is not as annoying as it is on True Blood..LOL


Don't Know why you guys r fighting. This is one of the most awesome TV Series ever made. Just read in Wikipedia, it received the highest TV rating of last 15 years. TOtally Agreed. DA BEST SHOW ON TV DEFINITELY.


Then there's the music. Tonight's NIN was spot on -- industrial, uneasy, dangerous. If they sold a soundtrack for this season, I would buy it. Every episode seems to have just that perfect song to capture the theme of the episode. Great review.


POI is as good as TV gets, network or cable.Some of the cable shows are great, no doubt, but POI has immense potential. Its been a whole season and we haven't even scratched the surface of some of the mysteries. If this level of creativity is sustained over a period of time, then POI will be remembered as one of the greats.


I love the sequence of different scenes that occur. Peck ranting on and on, then his Eureka moment which was poignant/serious but is followed by Fusco asking if Peck wants a soda which was funny. Reese shooting a guy in the groin and then making a one-liner. Carter and Fusco's relationship alternates between tense, funny, and heart-warming.


To me this is the best series (so far) I've seen, and I've seen all the ones people mention here. I don't think game of thrones or the sopranos is better than this series. I hated sopranos posturing bs some of the characters did, that fat fuck actor. Person of Interest blows all that out of the water.

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It's time I know how the machine communicates with you.


Finch: Are you following this?
Reese: Financial analyst. Riveting.