Parks and Recreation Review: It's a Trap!

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Finally, the inevitable has happened.

When Bobby Newport campaign manager Jen Barkley was introduced a few episodes ago, her deviousness was paired with an unrelenting good cheer and optimism. "Oh my God," I thought, "I can't wait until she meets Chris."

Ben & Leslie On The Bus Tour

And not only do they meet on "Bus Tour," but they immediately go off to one of the 28 unoccupied rooms of the Newport Mansion to have what I can only expect was incredibly upbeat sex.

I also loved that, after the usual Parks and Recreation trope of one character giving a vote of encouragement to another (Tom and April two weeks ago, Ron and Chris last week), Chris addressed the camera after April left the room to say that he lied and it did not work at all.

The funniest storyline of the week was the return of Burt Macklin, FBI. I await the GIF of Chris Pratt slowly lowering that pie into Jim O'Heir's face, as Jerry squirms in discomfort. I will say that my original suspect was April, who was throwing at Jerry just because she likes to torture Jerry.

The main story was a little problematic to me.

We know Leslie should win the election because we've been with the character for four seasons and we know how insanely competent she is and how much she cares about Pawnee. But yet... her campaign has been pretty much an utter disaster. No, Leslie, in fact you shouldn't have taken your campaign bus to the Newport mansion, funny as that sight gag may have been.

And that's been the weird contradiction: a lot of the best jokes about the campaign - like the debacle of her rally at the ice rink -- rely on us believing that Leslie and Ben are suddenly either totally overwhelmed by the campaign or much less on-the-ball than we have been led to believe in the past.

Side question: When Ben yells "It's a trap" is it:

A) An intentional reference to the Star Wars meme by Ben?

B) An intentional reference to the Star Wars meme by the writers, but
not by Ben?

C) Neither of the above, it's just what Ben would say in that situation?

I think, given Ben's geekiness, the answer is A.

Lastly, has Ben been dressing more professionally this season, or at least during the campaign? He definitely was in this episode, compared to his hipster-dork office sensibility of last season. Perhaps his trip to the mall with Tom has rubbed off on him.

Not much to say about Ron, Donna and Tom's showdown with Burt Hummel. It felt mostly like filler, though it was touching to see how dedicated both Ron and Donna were to Leslie, in that they were willing to sacrifice something precious for the benefit of the campaign.

Catch up now on the best Parks and Recreation quotes from the hour and decide: Who would you vote for?

Bus Tour Review

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Parks and Recreation Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Andy: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as
Eagle One. Ann, code name -- Been There, Don That. April is --
Currently Doing That. Donna is -- It Happened Once in a Dream; Chris,
code name -- If I Had To Pick a Dude. Ben is -- Eagle Two.
Ben: Oh thank God.

If you are watching, perpetrator, just know that you are still at large.