Once Upon a Time Round Table: "A Land Without Magic"

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Magic has entered Storybrooke. That was one of the main takeaways from a fascinating Once Upon a Time Season 1 finale, which left a smile on Regina's face and anticipation in the minds of viewers everywhere.

Is it September yet?!?

No. But it is time for our Round Table team of Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, Molly Harper and Nick McHatton to relive "A Land Without Magic." Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene in the season finale?
Jim: I loved, loved, loved, the dual fight scenes with Maleficent. First, I had no idea they were going to show her at all, but for Father and Daughter to both have to fight her was great. Then you add in the cuts back and forth and Jim was a very happy reviewer!

Christine: True love's kiss. I loved that they broke the curse with Emma kissing Henry because I didn't see that coming. Then Regina telling Henry, "No matter what you think, no mater what anyone tells you, I do love you." Broke my heart a bit because I believe that despite everything, she does love him. It all added up to make a great scene.

Molly: Belle and Rumplestiltskin finding each other again. Both in the shop when she didn't remember him and in the woods, when she did.  It really rooted for them this season.... and then Rumple had to screw it up with his whole "power hungry" thing. Clearly he has not learned his lesson.

Nick: Like Jim I was super excited to see Maleficent brought into the fold. She's one of Disney's best villains. However, I think my favorite part was the smaller moments. Emma confessing how much she loves Henry. Snow and Charming remembering the love they have for each other. Watching Regina and Emma at odds and still being able to work together.

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Were you surprised that the curse was broken this season?
Jim: Honestly, I was. I was expecting Emma to save Henry and then somehow "forget" what she knew, returning us to the status quo of "Emma has to break the curse" OR at least season two start with "Now I believe, how do I break the curse."

Christine: Yes, I figured they'd drag it out a bit longer but I'm happy with where they ended the season. Everyone knows about the curse but they're still in Storybrooke which leaves us with a whole new set of complications for next season.

Molly: Yes, because I wondered what it would leave them to do over the next season. But I am very interested to see how they handle fairy tale powers in the "real world." Does this mean Regina is at full power again? Will Pinnochio/August and Geppeto reunite? Will Archie change into a cricket?

Nick: Not really. It's been gaining momentum for some time now. What was really surprising was Rump bringing magic to Storybrooke.

Now that Snow and Charming remember who they are, will the realize who Emma is?
Jim: Even if they don't right away, I can't imagine Henry will keep his yapper shut very long. I will say that Mary Margaret and Emma being roommates could get awkward, unless David and Henry moves in and they just become a big happy (weird) family.

Christine: I can't wait to see the three of them together. That's going to be a really interesting dynamic and I can't wait to find out where they go from here. Oh, and not only is Emma their daughter but Henry is their grandson!

Molly: Good question. Most awkward roomate situation EVER.

Nick: Their memories of both worlds have combined now, right? So if they know Emma (or when they find out) broke the curse, it'll only be a matter of time.

The Huntsman was back for the last episode: sad reminder or awesome surprise?
Jim: Both. I was thrilled to see Jamie Dornan back, as it made me really appreciate that nobody else got killed off this season. However, that doesn't mean anyone is safe for season two, right?

Christine: Both. I miss Graham more than the Huntsman but it was fun seeing him and Charming working together. Nothing like a little fairy tale eye candy to end the season with.

Molly: Sad reminder. I hope that Graham is included in the "what was lost" portion of the curse so Emma can get him back.

Nick: Both as well. Knowing he's still running around Fairy Tale Land gives me some kind of home he can be brought to life somehow. This show is based on magic!

What are your general thoughts on season one?
Jim: I'm really excited that season one was done as a complete stand-alone story and that while a few things where left unanswered for season two (i.e. where is Rumple's son), they did not feel the need to have a really cheese-tasical cliffhanger to try and bait us into coming back next season. I think many shows could take a lesson in how to do a proper season finally (I'm looking at you, CSI).

Christine: This was one of the most creative and unique shows on TV all season and it was something the entire family could watch together. They did a fantastic job of taking characters and stories we'd grown up with and giving them a entirely new twist. I can't wait to see season two!

Molly: Excellent television. Romantic, suspenseful, kept me guessing. It was like watching Lost, only there was actual timely payoff instead of getting jerked around for years and years.

Nick: It's so creative, and I'm thrilled that it's find a very large audience. I hope it only grows bigger in the years to come because they know how to tell a story, and there's a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

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