NCIS: Los Angeles Review: The Four Angels

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Tonight's NCIS: Los Angeles was different than normal, thanks to Danny and Chin Ho visiting from Hawaii Five-0 in the conclusion of a two-part crossover. (If you haven't checked it out yet, read Jim G's "Pa Make Loa" review)

NCIS: LA and H5O Team Up

"Touch of Death" worked well, but the crossover was a bit of a mess. Even though they were tracking the same small pox, the cases were very different. Back in Hawaii, it was all about Comescu, but then it took an odd shift from Jarrod Prodeman selling to Dr. Holden in Los Angeles.

The connection between the experiments that Jarrod was doing, Comescu and then the sale of the small pox to Dr. Holden seemed far-fetched. Then, throw in the gang funding Dr. Holden and it was overly complicated and difficult to follow at times.

Dr. Holden was misguided in her mission, but her argument about the elimination of small pox is an intriguing one to consider. The world's population continues to increase and that is in a large part due to our ability to fight disease. If humans continue to defeat these population regulators, then what will happen? Overpopulation and starvation? Or, new, more deadly illnesses?

Outside of the actual case, the crossover was fun to see. On both Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles, the collaboration between the two teams was authentic. The characters didn't seem "off," which often happens when they appear on other shows with different writers.

Instead, Danny and Chin immediately felt like part of the boathouse crew. Even though they were serious about the case, they were included in the team's normal banter. And, they gave it as good as they got.

Danny even got the coveted overheard by Hetty talking about her moment. Hetty may be short in stature, but she can definitely draw the fear of the strongest men, including Danny. Who was more afraid: Danny of Hetty? Or, Deeks of the small pox vaccination? Tough call! I guess it would have to go to Deeks, since he actually hit his head.

While there were quite a few funny moments - like those or Deeks and Danny having hair wars - the highlight of the episode was the conversation in the car between Sam and Callen. I hope Sam didn't jinx Callen by saying the only way he would retire was from a bullet. Ouch. Sam has a family and a life outside the job, but Callen is the job.

What a pleasant thought it was to imagine Callen chilling out in retirement. Pleasant ... but definitely odd. What hobby should Callen pick up? And anything to do with guns, knives or fighting doesn't count. Scrapbooking would be hilarious to watch. Maybe he should take up cooking. That could be the first step in actually creating a home.

Did you enjoy the crossover? What were your favorite moments?

Would you like to see another Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS:Los Angeles crossover next season?


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Too bad they didn't even ask what Jarrod Prodeman was going to do in Amsterdam.


My favourite shows!! I loved the crossover ! For me,the best part of both episodes was the final shooting towards Dr. Holden´s car. Seeing all that firepower from Sam,Callen,Kensi,Deeks,Danny and Chin was really pleasent to any fan of both TV Series. Amazingly well done, hope they do at least another crossover in following seasons. Cheers from a portuguese fan :)


I had never seen NCIS LA .. only watched because of the cross-over. What in the world do you guys see in these characters and the acting? Sorry ... it's like a high school performance with really poor scripts.


I enjoyed the crossover, although probably not as much as the pre-show hype told me I would! I watch both shows, even though H5-0 is my current favorite. I feel you really have to watch both parts of the crossover to see the entire flow of the storyline. It all begins in Hawaii with the death of the first smallpox victim and expands to include the NCIS:LA team because the buyer identified by 5-0 is on the NCIS:LA watch list - enter Callen and Sam to paradise. It moves on to LA and introduces the NCIS:LA team who get to finally put a name to the villain and both teams get to solve the case together. The story was a little difficult to follow with all the different suspects, but it all eventually worked. There was plenty of good banter, although a few mistakes happened, too. The cargument between Sam and Danny failed, IMO. Others can have arguments in a car - only Steve and Danny can do a cargument. It's an H5-0 brand. Danny and Deeks, and Danny and Hetty were spot on encounters. I really like how the NCIS: LA writers get good screentime for their actors each week - H5-0 writers, please take notice. It's one of the weakest parts on 5-0 and probably THE major 5-0 fan complaint.
I would watch another H5-0/NCIS:LA crossover, especially if McGarrett was it it, although I do like my shows separate but equal!


NCIS-LA is always a good show with really good actors. If H50 had Steve in the crossover with them and Chin Ho, it could have been great. The storyline was interesting, although a bit confusing. However, Danny's character has become a buffoon. For someone his age, Danny is ignorant of everything - police procedures, what cops say and do, basic common sense. He is constantly whining about something. When everyone was trying to stop the smallpox pandemic, Danny's character was looking for a place to eat in the area. And his obsessive stalking of his young daughter's movements on his cellphone is becoming sicko. If Danny's character was originally written this way, then a younger actor should have been cast in this role, not Scott Caan. All in all, I enjoyed the show, but the H50 writers need to reevaluate their writing of Danny's character. He might be eye candy, but he is not a teenager.


I'm not a regular watcher of NCIS: LA (as mentioned in my review) but I had to watch the second half of the story. I agree with Carla, both teams worked really well on the other show. I also agree that the small pox story line in LA got muddled. It was almost as if they had written this episode with one idea in mind and then got told "oh you need to make it a cross over" - parts of it fit pretty well and other parts just didn't gel together. Great review Carla, next time there is a cross over we should figure out how to do our own cross-over with some kind of dual-reviews!


This episode was amazing! I don't watch 5-0 and while I found the characters funny, I don't really want to pick up another show right now. I found the NCIS part of the crossover much more entertaining, dramatic, and funny. Deeks is my favorite! Hair wars, fear of vaccinations, teasing Kensi, and even the philosophical insight near the beginning there. And you've got to love Sam and Callen!
Well done on everyone's part both here and on 5-0! I can't wait for next week's NCIS: LA!


I watch both shows, and love them both. I think all did a great job with this crossover and hope there is another one. The two teams meshed well together. NCIS LA is a great show and although I am more of an H50 fan, I thought the NCIS LA part was better. Will continue to watch both shows.


There were some part I though where better then NCIS


My favorite part was the hospital scene with Murray! We need to make Murray a series regular!!

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Danny: Can I help you with something?
Deeks: Just thinking about your hair. Is it bulletproof?

Callen: You know what I'm doing after we get this guy?
Sam: What's that?
Callen: I'm getting a hobby.
Sam: Maybe you should start scrapbooking our cases.