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Unfortunately, there was just something off about "Scream a Little Dream," but it wasn't in a bad way. Because Dyson has lost his love for Bo, there are bound to be changes in the show's dynamics and this episode epitomized all of those.

Bo's Bad Dream

I'm not sure whether to say it was a disappointing or brilliant hour of television. Opposite sides of the spectrum for sure, but here's the thing - I didn't like it. This hour was missing everything I love about Lost Girl. Yet, it was brilliant in showing us what is so good about the show... by making those aspects absent.

No real Dyson. I missed him ... very much! The nightmare scenes did nothing to ease my sadness that he wasn't there; if anything, it compounded my reaction. The Bo-Dyson relationship has been an integral component of the series. Whether they were fighting or loving, they complemented each other perfectly. Bo, Dyson, Trick ... someone has to figure out how to undo the damage that the Norn did.

The nightmares were a further representation of the pain that Bo is dealing with due to Dyson's decision. How freaky was that last dream? Bo having her energy taken by an older her ... the fear of losing all of those close to her. At least she was strong enough to recognize that the Dyson offering her his love was fake.

The normal camaraderie was gone. Not only was Dyson missing, but the episode lacked in Kenzi and Hale moments, even Kenzi and Trick's interactions were limited. As were Bo and Kenzi's.

The show works because of the relationships. Here, though, everyone was off working on their own cases and problems with limited interaction. Was that by design to highlight how important they are? It was a drastic way to show us.

We were introduced to several new Fae, including the Sandman, the Mare, a Brownie and a Baku. That may be the most new Fae we have dealt with in one episode. While the idea of a Brownie seemed like a good one to start, I'm glad he moved on. It was weird having him living with Bo and Kenzi.

The political environment started to get serious for Bo. The new Ash is not tolerant of her non-aligned status and took that out on Lauren. She was property of the old Ash and therefore became property of the new Ash. So, not only only has Bo lost Dyson, she is being kept from her other potential love interest Lauren.

Bo's refusal to work freelance for the Ash isn't going to help her either. How will Bo handle this isolation going forward? I prefer Bo with Dyson, but from previous comments many of you want to see Bo and Lauren together. At this point, is either a possibility? I'd take a love triangle over seeing Bo without both of them.

Scream a Little Dream Review

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