Lost Girl Review: To the Bottom!

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Bo started out as a lost girl because she didn't know where she came from and she did not understand her succubus powers. And now continues to be a lost girl because she no longer has the love of Dyson. She desperately wants it.

This desperation caused Kenzi to act recklessly in "Mirror Mirror" to protect her friend. You would think with everything that Kenzi has seen she would know that fables could actually have some truth to them. In fact, she probably did believe in Baba Yaga when she called for her even if only a bit.

Kenzi Calls a Witch

While Dyson's loss of love is painful for Bo and then for Kenzi as a friend, it's not as if he asked for this. He lost it protecting Bo and is painful for him as well. A horrible situation all around. Drunk or not, Kenzi was misguided.

Instead of working a case, Bo and Kenzi were on a mission to reverse the curse. Surprisingly, it took them to Kenzi's fake fortune teller aunt. She may have been a phony, but she was able to summon Baba Yaga.

The witch was willing to reverse the curse, but only for a price. She wanted the succubus, Bo. The relationship between Kenzi and Bo couldn't possibly be stronger. There was no way that Kenzi would let Bo sacrifice herself for her own mistake. Baba Yaga agreed to take Kenzi instead and ended the curse.

Little did Kenzi realize what she was getting into. Baba Yaga held girl prisoner and then picked one to have for dinner. The situation there was a bit contrived, but it shows the strength of the bond between Bo, Kenzi and also Dyson.

Bo had turned down the Ash's request that she side with him as a freelancer. In order to save Kenzi, she agreed to work for him. She still has her independence, but now is tied to the Light Fae.

The quest to save Kenzi was not easy. She made an exchange with the Ash and also she risked her life. When she lost her pulse, Dyson was determined to bring her back. Could that be love? I'm not convinced that he has entirely lost his feelings for Bo. His actions show that he still cares about her. Isn't it possible that he can turn that back into love?

Kenzi also continued to try to get out. And ultimately it was her cunning eye and kindness to the guard manimal (not sure what he was) that saved them all. She showed her bravery when she freed the other girls before herself.

No matter how dire the situation, they laugh. It was a relief to see Bo, Kenzi and Dyson sitting around the bathroom chuckling over the situation. And, later, it was touching to have Kenzi remind Bo that she shouldn't give up on Dyson or Lauren.

Overall, this was a deviation from the normal procedural case that Bo and gang usually work. Kenzi learned her lesson and we saw that Dyson still cares for Bo at least a little.

Mirror Mirror Review

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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Bo: We've been cursed.
Dyson: Cursed?
Bo: By Kenzi.
Kenzi: Ta-da

I'm not drunk. I'm coping.