Lost Girl Review: Searching For Love

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Wolves mate for life, but we learned in "BrotherFae of the Wolves" that friendships are not always bonded with the same strength.

With a flashback to the Middle Ages, we get a glimpse of Dyson's former life and his first encounter with the Norn. He was a member of a wolf pack that served a king. When his best wolf friend, Stephen, was ordered to take on a dangerous mission, Dyson went to the Norn to ask her to save his life. The Norn agreed, but only if Dyson would give up his wolf. That was an agreement he couldn't make.

Dyson's Past Catches Up With Him

When Stephen died, the King took his wife, Ciara. Dyson was furious and wanted to fight the King, but the wolf pack stood in the King's protection. And, Dyson left the pack and Ciara behind.

That's how Dyson became a lone wolf. And, it explained so much about why Dyson was willing to give up his wolf to the Norn to save Bo. He wouldn't make the same mistake twice, plus he loved Bo. Unfortunately, the Norn took much more than his wolf.

Dyson is loyal to a fault. He trusted Cayden when he came looking for help and never considered he was being played. But, Cayden double crossed them all. He even took Bo to bed, which was painful to watch even before we knew he was bad.

Velma, the Mongolian Death Worm, was the most far-fetched Fae creature we have met so far. An old lady with laser eyes, who is controlled by the possession of a TV, really? Who in the world came up with that crazy idea and how did it get pass the first conversation in the writer's room? Okay, it was funny, but seriously ... how crazy!

After the capture of Velma, Bo took her to The Ash for safekeeping. It's surprising how cozy she is becoming with him, despite his despicable rule. Though, I guess it was better than sending her to the Dark Fae.

Bo's relationships are getting much more complicated. With Lauren secretly living with her, and more importantly, in love with her something will have to give. Will Bo forgive Lauren? Will Bo reciprocate Lauren's love? At this point, it looks inevitable. The pain Lauren endured while Bo was getting "healed" by Cayden was intense.

Plus, now Dyson has moved on with Ciara. If nothing else, I can see Bo jumping into Lauren's bed to get over the hurt Dyson has caused her. If a wolf mates for life, what is he doing with Ciara.

Dyson may have hooked up with Ciara, but he won't turn his back on Bo and Kenzi. As Dyson said to Cayden, he's no longer a lone wolf. He has a new pack and they are part of it.

From the comments, I know some of you are Bo-Lauren fans, but I continue to hope that eventually Dyson will be able to regain his love for Bo. Though, perhaps once Bo and Lauren hook up, I'll change my mind. Who do you want Bo to be with?

BrotherFae of the Wolves Review

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