Kate Walsh to Exit Private Practice After Season 6

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ABC is yet to announce that the 13-episode sixth season of Private Practice will be the show's last, but it's sure beginning to look that way.

Just days after Tim Daly confirmed he would not be returning to the ABC drama, Deadline now reports that star Kate Walsh is also on her way out. She'll exit the series after these 13 episodes are over.

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It's been known for some time that Walsh was interested in pursuing other avenues, considering she's played the character of Addison Montgomery for seven years when you account for her time on Grey's Anatomy.

But without ABC or Shonda Rhimes revealing whether the show will fold up without its lead, the question now must be asked: Should it? Should Private Practice go on without Kate Walsh?

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kate is the best of all!!!!!Addison is my fav character and the reason i watch the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love it and i really hope kate stays!i don't want season 6 to be the last but without kate i can't watch it.it 'll never be the same!


There is no point in continuing the show without Kate. It would be cancelled quickly. For sure I wouldn't watch.


:( I can't watch with no Addie. It wouldn't be right.


I actually like Charlotte more than Addison and really watch the show for Charlotte and Cooper but I don't think the show can really survive without Addison. I'd probably still watch it but it'd be very difficult to keep it alive without Addison there.


As a Addie fan, I'll be sad to let her go after so long! As a fan of Kate, I'll be happy for her because I think she deserves better than this show. I wouldn't watch PP if it continue but don't think it could.


I'm fine with the show finishing but only after Sheldon and Amelia hook up :) Or, if that doesn't happen, send Amelia to Seattle so she can be with....Alex or Mark? :)


They must cancel PPP now and tell that byatch Shonda to not kill anymore beloved characters! I think Kate Walsh is doing the right thing by leaving. It will never be the same without her. I just wish that Shonda has enough sense to send Amelia to Seattle to be with her brother. Amelia needs her family more than ever. Plus how great would it be if they had a sheperd fam reunion at the McHouse????? Shonda needs to make Grey's fun.
I also think Kate Walsh wants out becuz she has done it for the last 8 years and its probably old for her now. She is a great talent and will find something else. Its the others like KaDee and Paul who need work as they are less known.


@AllaboutAdie i get that you watch only because of KW, but why are you so rude and disrespectful towards others? Saying it will not last beyond thirteen episode may be right but adding lol is unnecessary mockery of others who work on the show.


The show should not and could not end without Kate Walsh/Addison. PP was created for her.
The others are okay, but Kate Walsh is the show.


ABC has no faith in the show without Kate Walsh, which is why they only renewed it for 13 episodes (the length of her contract).

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