Grimm Review: Penultimate Flatline

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There was at least one good thing to come out of "Big Feet," with Juliette finally hopping back on the Wesen trail and telling Nick about her findings.

The rest of the episode set up almost nothing, and instead sent the story momentum Grimm has been building up over the last few months crashing and burning.

Monroe & Nick Are Shocked

To start off with, there’s Hank - the most numbing character on Grimm – and his absolutely unique ability in bringing about narcolepsy. Nothing he does is annoying or bad. He just brings very little to whatever scene he is in. There are no funny quips, no real attempts at showing any ability to do his job. His only purpose at this point is make us all wish for some more Monroe.

Can we list all of the useful things Hank did this week? He shot the fourth Bigfoot and saved Nick, who I am sure would be fine if Hank didn’t do anything useful in that moment. Remember badass Nick?

Congratulations Hank, you’re officially still boring.

Next, let’s talk about the case of the week. Why? Why would this kind of episode be the penultimate episode? One that basically flatlines everything the show had been running towards for the last few weeks? Is there any sense of where overall story is heading? Nope! Is Nick finding out a little more about his heritage or getting a little closer to Renard’s plans? Negative!

Instead, we’re given this Bigfoot story about men who are so overcome with wanting to push down something that makes them who they are that they seek medical treatment, and in doing so that side of them ends up pushing them farther than they ever would have went otherwise.

It’s a nice metaphor on where Nick could go, and I can understand its usefulness. But how about supplementing that with story arcs that have been building all year?

At least it looks like Juliette is being brought back within the fold. I loved watching her piece everything together, and her hypothesis that basically explains Nick’s entire existence now. The look on his face was priceless.

While Juliette did prove to be a saving grace in this episode (as is the continuing Nick and Monroe bromance), the rest of the episode just left me puzzled. As the penultimate episode, things should be in flux, the story should be building towards something not losing energy. We should be excited and counting down the minutes until the next episode. Instead, my enthusiasm was drained.

Big Feet Review

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