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This episode was anti-climactic and at best mediocre for the following reasons:

1. The holes in the way a real crash with surgeons on board were too many and too unbelievable. For starters I am sure there was more medical gear on board in the compartments.

There would be more than one flare gun and it is rare that one doesn't work.

The fire was pitiful and there was no wood at all. Where is the pile to keep them going through the night? A whole group of brilliant surgeons didn't think of this? Especially Derek who is supposed to be an outdoorsman? Give me a break. Horrible.

Over four hours to find a downed plane in a heavily wooded area makes no sense. The wreckage would be unbelievable and the path it would have created in the forrest/side of a hill would have been immense and unmistakable to a helicopter flying overhead.

2. The writing was lazy. Lexi? She must have wanted off the show and this is personal opinion, but if I have to sit through one more episode of Kepner I am not watching the show anymore. She is annoying period.

The great:

1. Hunt firing Hahn. What a great friend. Awesome moment. Wish they got back together instead of him and Yang. She seems like she would like to have kids someday. But, it is what it is.

2. Karev's phone call to Arizona. What a good man Karev is. Despite the rough around the edge, he is just a good human being. Great character.

3. Chief Webber. He is one of my favourite characters and growing more and more memorable by the episode.

4. Yang just rocks her parts all the time despite some of the cheesy writing. She is just a great actress. She was the most realistic character in the crash scene. (And the pilot. He rocked it too for the short role he had.)


I refuse to accept lexi´s death!! until september i will hope that she is aliave, tell i´m a dreamer i really don´t care! it´s worst than the time that george die!


RIP: Lexie Grey while i will miss her comedy and her love/hate relationship with her sister, it was time to go. When it came out that Chyler asked for the extra time off at the start of the season i was ok this isn't gonna end well. Then as the season went along i personally could see the writing on the wall. So personally was prepared for it, I like the pairing of Slexie but i'm a bigger Mer/Der fan.
Meredith has lost her sister
Derek has lost his little sister and his work buddy who's gonna do Neuro now?
Mark has lost the love of his life
Cristina has lost 3 (aka the number she gave lexie as an intern)

Also did anyone else hear Derek say ROSE at the end ekkkkk NO. overall solid season.


I was right after George,I didn't really care which one got killed. but I am starting to think Shonda has a thing about nice guys finishing last and dying grisly deaths. I dunno why you peeps don'tlike April now that Lexie Izzie and George are gone she is the last truly good hearted one left.


I am sad about Lexie dying as she had a sweetness that no other character did; but that's not what annoyed me about this ep. That would be the doctor's complete lack of survival nous. Not one of them is capable of starting a decent fire - that would get them noticed and provide life saving warmth - and keeping it going? Seriously? I'm no outdoorswoman and I still could have done it. So, what, now they're going to die because they are useless? Lazy, lazy writing.
On the upside, Christina was awesome as usual. Sandra Oh really is unbelievably good.


I loved Chyler Leigh's portrayal of Lexie. Lexie was funny, adorably cute when she was flustered, vulnerable, sexy, and spunky. I'm really going to miss her. I was so hoping that her and Mark would get back together. Her sudden death will mean so much Sloan, Meredith, and Derek. They will have a lot to deal with in the coming season.

I hope we don't have to wait too long to see Chyler in another wonderful series.


This is like George dying all over again. :(

I love Lexie and I will definitely miss her. I don't know how Mer, Mark and Derek will go on without her but damn season 9 will be good with all the fallout form this.


I was a diehard Greys fan until this episode. I have been waiting for Sloan and Lexi to get back together and I was soooooo mad when she died. Killing off your most likable character? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Time to find a new show.


This is the first time i have cried about a TV character in a long time. A few minutes after i went hysterical and started laughing at anything, before seeing Mark and then I cried again.

I could have dealt with any death except for Meredith or Lexi. But Shonda said it would affect everyone at SGMW and Lexi fits that perfectly as she has been involved a lot with every character. My hope now is that Mark dies in the opening episode of next season because i dont think i could take watching him suffer for most of next season.


I didn't think it was good at all. I felt nothing when Lexie died because I was expecting it. It would have been WAY more dramatic if they fought to save her. In general the episode was slightly boring. The whole plane thing is so unrealistic and hard to believe that I didn't even try. I feel like it was just an excuse to find a way to solve some tricky problems like keeping some actors and losing others. It was annoying watching them walk aimlessly in a forest trying to save themselves. This is Grey's Anatomy, not survivor. What happened to all of the surgeries? I feel like GA is losing it's roots. Go back to the wonderful mix of medicine and drama and it'll be MUCH better. The only great thing about the episode was Ben and Baily! Love that couple!!!!! I hope April leaves soon. I can't handle her and Avery together any longer... April is annoying and Avery is wonderful, not a good match at all.

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