Grey's Anatomy Review: Looking Grim

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Did that just really happen?

Okay, let’s back up a few minutes and discuss “Migration” - and not just the crazy ending we just witnessed.

Webber Works It. I have always been a big fan of Richard. He’s had such a presence throughout this series, almost like a father figure to all of these doctors, not just Meredith. This hour had Webber helping Alex get everything he wants. And what he wants is Johns Hopkins. It’s pretty great to see the underdog, or evil spawn as Cristina says, come out on top. He has worked hard for it and deserves it. 

Seattle Grace is looking like it might be less crowded next year...

Callie and Teddy

Can You Go Back? Cristina was weighing her decision and taking into account all of her options. Mer wants her BFF close to her but Yang is set on leaving. After an old school on call room hook up with Owen, Cristina makes the decision to head to the Mayo Clinic. Looks like these two are officially done.

You Should Make The Decision With Your Husband. Meredith wants Seattle, Derek wants Harvard. Grey finally consulted with her husband instead of her "person,: and the two are heading off to Boston. Derek will become the head of Neuro at Harvard. 

Starting Over. Who knew crossword puzzles could be so much fun? Ben decided to pop the question to Bossy Bailey before getting the news of a job offer 1,000 miles away. It took so long for Bailey to get her groove back, she can’t lose the adorable Ben. I won’t have it!

Besides, who do these docs think they all are leaving Seattle? Not cool!

Ben and Bailey Photo

Lonely. The only doc not heading somewhere for a better job is poor Kepner. Girl failed her boards, got her job offers pulled and even lost her current gig at SGH. How awkward was the firing between her and Owen? 

April headed over to the bar to drink her sorrows away and freak out on Jackson before running out. Are we losing April, too?

Is Slexie Coming Back? After dropping the L-bomb on Mark last episode, Lexie used her few minutes of screen time to act awkward. Mark is torn between Julia, who can give him everything he wants, or Lexie who he loves.

Who should he choose? If I was making the call, Lexie would be the winner. You hear that, Shonda?

Life in Peds

OMFG. When I glanced at the clock, I couldn’t believe the episode was just about over. I thought to myself: pretty solid. It advanced the plot for the finale. Nothing too surprising. Yeah, I was totally wrong.

In true Grey’s Anatomy fashion, the writers decided to shake everything up and keep us impatiently waiting until next week’s season finale. Most of the main characters boarded a small plane to head to Boise for a conjoined twin operation. Who would have thought that you would blink and the plane would be crashed? Definitely not me! 

People can say that GA has fallen off over the past few seasons. But if there is one thing this show does right, it is finales. They kill it every time - pun intended! (Sorry, I had to.) 

So what is going to happen to our favorite doctors? Will they all survive? Will the latest Grey’s Anatomy news be any indication? 

After Thoughts:

  • Callie and Arizona’s scenes were short and sweet. Maybe if some of our docs leave, these two will finally get some more screen time.
  • We finally got a glimpse of the Mer and Der dream house! 
  • How hilarious was Cristian pretending to be April on the phone? The voice was perfect. 
  • Who would have thought that Ben proposing to Bailey would not be the biggest news to come out of this hour?
Doctor Teddy Altman Photo

Let’s discuss it. Will Mark and Lexie get back together? Are all of the doctors really going to leave Seattle? Are Yang and Hunt done? This is all under the assumption they survive the plane crash!

One week until the season finale. Make your predictions now and hit up the comments to let us know what you thought of “Migration.” Can you wait until next week? I know I can’t! Don’t forget to check out the Grey’s Anatomy quotes page for the best from this episode and the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table for the staff’s thoughts on what’s to come for the rest of Season Eight. 


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Who was on the plane? Was it just Meredith, Derek, Christina, Sloan, Arizona, and Lexie? I can't remember if anyone else got on!


That's what jumping the shark looks like, people. I almost left grey's after the season premiere back in september. Right now I am feeling like I should have just stayed away.


For the love of god please do your home work about the show and what is happening out side of the show it's self !!! First yes the main characters signed their new two year contracts, but the is a business and just like in business contracts can be broken and bought out so I wouldn't count on any of the main cast returning for sure Secondly 15 min after the show ended ABC posted that GA was picked up for next season. It is odd this posted right after the show ended and 24 hrs after the press release that the original cast had all resigned their new contracts Third we know a beloved character will die my suspicion is still Weber no one would see that coming. he has been the mentor to this whole group There are hints that more than 1 person dies ok so yes they could take out Lexie and Arizonia which would be sad, but even sadder they live and there is a disaster back home that affects the others lets use an earthquake for example that happens right after they find the plane crash and rescue every one. Now that would be a true Shonda ending I can see Derick presumed dead till next season or that they just buy out his contract. I can see Lex being a double amb or being paralyzed I could see Arizona in a coma since we just had Callie on Liffey support I could see April going out and hoping in her car Avery going after her and she crashes into another car maybe Hunt and Avery is injured trying to save them The plan crash is just too easy look back at George and Izzie most people were sure that Izzievdied then George is hit and killed by a bus WTF? Now if you look there are rumors of a past actor returning with private practice in the air as to if it will be around for another season I could see bring Amelia and Addison to Grey There are also rumors of a spin off show which could be following the doctors to a new location, but that is similar to PP so doubtful


I think Arizona will die. Then Seattle Grace will need Karev to stay in her place. Lexie will be gravely injured, so Mer will have to stay. McSteamy will have to deal with her, his girlfriend and Callie and that will make an interesting storyline for next year.


Mahala.....I totally agree with you!!!! if you watch the promo Mark is hugging Yang he looks like he's almost falling on her there's an arm under the wreckage that they are standing next to and that is Lexie. Arizona is out in the open. If he's doing that guaranteed she's dead.
Why? Why did they have to do that? I've been waiting for them to get back together forever and now this? Can't handle it.
Next week i'll go online after the show find out if I was right and then decide if I watch the show or not.
If lexie dies I really don't think I can


For the love of god please do your home work about the show and what is happening out side of the show it's self !!!


My 2 cents: Drunk Kepner is going to drive and knock down Callie. So Arizona's foreshadowing will come true.


Sorry, typos want to kill me. I meant "Grey's".


I have to admit (sadly, cause I love this character) that it will be Arizona. This will have some great consequences like Alex staying at SGH and taking over his mentor's position.
I think that killing off April would not change anything. But something tells me that we can't look at it from the "who is where" perspective, as undoubtedly those who were not on the flight will come to their rescue... will Owen sacrifice his life to save Cristina? or will it be Mark, who will save Lexie?


My comment got cut off again. I was saying, the impossible has been made possible on this show, which is also a slap in the face to us Slexie fans, what with the writers' lackadaisical attitude about Slexie; it shouldn't have been that hard to come up with a substantial story-line for them for three years, involving something other than babies. But anyway, Meredith and Cristina don't even look like they were in a plane crash, considering the majority of the time there's usually nothing of anybody left. George got hit by a bus and looked it. Mere and Cris just look bit mussed and the others a little bloody...nothing like George and his mere bus hit. How ironic and silly. But this is Gey's, so I should expect it.

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