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Correct me if I am wrong I thought only Derek, Meredith, Christina, Mark and Lexie with Arizona yanking Alex last minute since he going to Johns Hopkins, which other SGMW surgeons were on the plane?

Consider this, Christina is leaving to the Mayo Clinic, as are Meredith and Derek who are East Coast bound I already mentioned Alex above.

Neither Lexie or Arizona dying as oppose to being seriously injured, would do much for the ones who are already outbound. Except for probably Alex who will feel guilty that Arizona took his place on the plane.

So its likely going to be Derek!

I can only see his death to be major enough to have the others stay or return to SGMW, even if they still head-off to wherever they are going.


I know that a lot of people hate Owen now, but if you remember, everyone loved Derek in season one and then hated him for part of season two when it came out that he was married. Now they love him again, including me. I adore Owen and am quite ticked that he cheated and that he and Cristina have nearly destroyed each other in the process. But I believe in Crowen and remember Shonda's tweet a couple of months ago about how she believed in them as a couple and that their journey would be painful but wasn't over. Owen will not die and Cristina won't leave. They will hopefully end up together and resolved.

That being said, I'm also hoping that Lexie isn't the one who dies. While I think that she's too immature for Mark, you can't argue with love and I feel no affinity for Julia. She seems creepy/stalker with this whole "let's have a baby" stuff. Ben is probably the one leaving. I really like April but I hope that since someone has to die, that it's her. Or the pilot.


Okay. There are lots of things happening in this episode. First off, no one mentioned that Christina had to explain to Mer what was going on, because she hit her head. This could mean MER could die from a brain injury. Also Der could die from being sucked out of the plane. Lexie or Arizona could die from being trapped under things. Mark could die because he seems fine, and it happened on Private Practice. HOWEVER. this is going to be something NO ONE sees coming. The plane wreck is too obvious. Also if Teddy or Arizona die or just leave the show Christina and Karev don't get to take over right away. April, Owen, Avery, Bailey, Callie and Chief are back in seattle, something could happen to them. Screw contracts, it's Shonda, she can do what she wants. Something is going to happen to probably 1 person at the plane crash and 1 back at seattle. This is going to be a total shock and surprise to all viewers.


Uhm, everyone who keeps talking about the renewed contracts - did you stop to notice that everyone else ALSO has a signed contract? So whoever dies, a contract will be broken. That being said, I think Derek and Arizona will be seriously hurt in the crash, but the person to die will be one of the people who stayed in Seattle. As most of us expect April to die, and killing Jackson or Teddy wouldn't really make that much of a difference, I think they're off the hook. That leaves Callie, Bailey, Alex and Webber. My money's on Callie, although it'd be a bit obvious after that promise. Nobody's betting on Bailey, so THAT would be a shocker, and I for one would cry my eyes out.


Christina was sooo cute in this episode.

Giving evil spawn a HUGGGGG!!

and then RANTING in the phone for April!

So adorable. she came a long way!!


With so many of them choosing other hospitals to work at, Kepner could potentially have a position. Karev was the main reason there wasn't any money left and he chose Hopkins. Yeah, someone dies . . .the pilot of the plane.


I think the character who will die is Hunt, because it's not obvious. It may have something to do with trying to get to the crash site or somehow trying to be Cristina's knight in shining armour, which would be ironic. He has nothing left to live for, right? And then after it's clear that Karev is leaving, the new chief could still keep Kepner. The new chief could be Bailey. But I like Kepner, she's cute, and she's the good girl who stays cheerful and very organized. So what if she failed her 'boards'? She'll earn them next year!


For the people saying "get your information straight about the characters who renewed their contracts" do you not know Shonda or this show? Like someone else mentioned, the finale was filmed before this recent announcement of contract renewals. Also, isn't it ironic the renewals came out right after the promo for the finale??? Maybe they're trying to throw us off yet again. Either way no one really knows who dies. It could be ANYONE. Stop trying to analyze every detail and wait until Thursday when you all (like me) are going to be shocked! :)


Why can't Kepner just die? No one likes or cares about her... She's got nothing now so she might as well be killed. All of the other characters are so much better!!! I actually really don't want Lexie back with Mark. He could be her father, it's a little creepy. I understand that Merideth and Derek have a similar age difference, but for some reason Sloan and Lexie just look wayyyy too far apart. It's a little offputting for me, and I don't really know why.


@Otto: not just you! and there is even a shepherd (ok in LOST it was a shephArd) who's probably lying around somewhere in the woods. :D

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