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I can't see it being Arizona. We spent most of this season with a widow in Teddy, I can't see them doing the same thing with Callie for next year. With Arizona on the plane and Callie not, there wouldn't be any tearjerker farewell scene. With Lexie trapped under the plane and Mark there however....


Callie should have NEVER promised Arizona that she will always be there for her...NEVER. It's like a death sentence for one of Calzona. It's like when characters go and say that they will do something tomorrow, and well they die before they can actually do it.


I hope April doesn't die. I like to watch Sarah Drew. She's an amazing actress. And all the April's scenes were sad or whatever... As you may noticed, I like Kepner..

Well. I think someone outside the plane crash will die... who knows!? thursday come already!!!!


I'll say this much. The moment I caught on they would be traveling I suspected how it would end.

The show had me up until that very last frame. that was overkill!

they should have just left it at the wreckage of the plane.

The implication would have been enough, one would almost think that they switched directors on 3/4 in.


I laughed so much at the end of this episode. Talk about trying too hard!
NEVER get in any vehicle with Meredith - that girl is accident prone! I thought it was cheesy. I thought it was contrived. I thought it was kind of silly really. Yes, I'll tune in next week for the finale, but it's a series I'm dipping in and out of more and more these days.


It was said that what happened between Mark and Lexie is bittersweet and Mark telling Lexie he loves her right before she dies is pretty bittersweet. I honestly can't even think about that. That would be such a waste of time!!! waiting all this time for them to get back together and she DIES!?! Gotta be kidding me. Don't think i could watch the show after that. way too heartbroken.
I agree, they won't find Derek till next season.


you know what pissis me off is that Cristina and Owen hook up and she tells Meredith that owen is her person now not her and C/O fans are still bithing get the hell over it and get a life everyone is in trouble not just them
I am glad that Cristina is leaving maybe the others can finally have some screen time and not have an over acting actress on the show


I AM LOVING this episode and I am only 11 minutes into it!

I am practically giddy with how good the writing and acting is which is making me dreading the end of this episode, hence my short break from it, cause the last time I was so into an Grey's episode like this I got my legs kicked out from under me with George being the guy who got hit by a bus.


I read my previous post again and it should say "Grey's presents a healthy, happy..." rather than "Grey's represents". :-P

On a side note, if Lexie dies, Meredith really has no reason to stay in Seattle. Lexie was one of her reasons for staying. Unless Derek is dramatically injured (which it would stand to reason that he is from that preview), they can easily move. But a Derek unable to work is a Patrick Dempsey with some more flexibility in his schedule.

Jessica Capshaw having a baby. I seem to remember Meredith having a portion of their liver removed when Ellen was pregnant. They could always throw Arizona in a hospital bed recovering from her injuries while Jessica is pregnant. No need to kill her off!


I know that Ms. Rhimes reads all the blogs, and might even do that "they signed their contract" thing, and still throw us a curveball. At least that is what I am hoping. She had said that the elimination would "test the mettle of the show's watchers"....uhm, Callie or Derek? Believe it or not, I still am going outside the box, and say that the death in the plane crash is too obvious. I also have said to myself "it's only t.v."....LOL
I'm not buying that 'contract'stuff, I still think it's Derek. I don't want it to be, but I still think its him, and they are punking us.

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