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Grey's Anatomy Promos: Six Went Down. One Will Die.

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In the aftermath of the shocking plane crash, the doctors must battle to stay alive while trying to save the lives of their peers on the eighth season finale of Grey's Anatomy this Thursday night.

Make no mistake, the consequences will be very real, and very drastic.

Six went down. One will die. The latest teaser for "Flight" (click here for the first Grey's Anatomy promo) says as much, while offering a few new snippets of the episode, which picks up where review of "Migration" let off.

Who will make it out alive, and who will pay the ultimate price?

Watch the latest ABC promo, as well as the Canadian version, which also shows a few different scenes from what is sure to be another edge-of-your-seat, season ending installment, below:

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continued from below.
I honestly think it's going to be Owen who leaves the show, as his character has gone into such a downward spiral during the last season. His relationship with Cristina is circling the drain, and it seems to be impacting his relationships with everybody else. I'm beginning to think that perhaps the upcoming death on Thursday's episode might not be as a result of the plane crash. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but it's just what I'm thinking might happen.


continued from below.
(Sorry, misspelled Chyler's name in my last post)
Of the for remaining leading cast members, there is little to suggest the departure of Kim Raver or Jesse Williams, which leads me to suspect the departure of either Sarah Drew or Keven McKidd. Failing her boards has already cost April not only her employment opportunities at other hospitals, but at SGMW as well, suggesting that her departure might be a mirrored image of Izzie's departure three years ago. However, I think she might surprise us.


It has already been confirmed that Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr and Patrick Dempsey are signing on for another two seasons, which leaves eight main characters in the spotlight to get the axe. From the promos, we already know that Lexie and Arizona have been injured in the crash. Considering the amount of attention Lexie has been getting during the past few episodes, it seems unlikely that Shyler Leigh will be leaving the show, and it seems safe to assume that Eric Dane will be remaining as well. It has recently been confirmed that Jessica Capshaw is expecting her third child, so just as she had done during Season 7, she may be taking a brief hiatus from the show, so there's no telling what lies ahead for Arizona. After the musical episode, it seems safe to assume that of the entire cast, Sara Ramirez is the one least likely to be leaving the show, especially considering all the effort they've been putting into building up her character. Of the four remaining leading cast members, there doesn't seem to be any indication that Kim Raver or Jesse Williams might be leaving the show, but for Kevin McKidd and Sarah Drew, there's a different story. Failing her boards has already left April without a job in the upcoming season, and considering the downward spiral Owen's character has taken during the past season, perhaps the death in this episode might not be as a result of the plane crash.


Hm..I think it will either be Callie or Lexie. Since Callie is narrating, it'd make sense, and Lexie's role has gone a bit downhill in the past season. Patrick Dempsey just signed on for another 2 years, so I don't think he could remain a ghost for that long.


I hope its not anyone on the plane. We should all try to think outside the box!! Something important that we should remember: JUST BECAUSE THEY SIGNED A CONTRACT DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE TO BE IN EPISODES FOR 2 MORE YEARS. THEY COULD BE IN 3/4 EPI IN THE SPAN OF THOSE 2 YEARS. It is goin to be somebody who will impact it all. Derek could die ( SO SAD) and then Christina would stay, Arizona could be paralyzed, and alex would stay, April could fall apart, therefore Avery will stay. Everybody could end up staying, it all depends on who dies... I dont want anyone to die because MerDer deserve their happy ending, and Lexi and Mark need to realize they are meant for eachother. JUST GET READY FOR THE TEARS, BRING ON THE TISSUES


And honestly, I don't think ABC would allow the actors/actresses to resign just to buy them out. Nor would an actor/actress resign for two years just to up and leave. So I am almost positive Derek, Mer, Christina, Webber, Alex, and Bailey are all safe.


A little bit more food for thought: Callie can be heard on the narration but that doesn't mean she does the whole thing by herself. During major disasters they have done group VO where a lot of characters take part. Maybe she's just the first. And honestly, I don't think ABC would all


Lexie is going to die. Watch promo Arizona is ok. Derek is reaching up. At 0.23 Lexie eyes are in dead stare like she is already dead.


Adele maybe.On the plane I think Lexi or Mark. Arizona will be badly injured(coma or paralysed) so next season they can hide her pregnancy or they will write her pregnancy in as she is to obvious to be the one who dies plus Callie has been through enough. Who knows probably be who we least expect.....would like it to be Owen as he is a weak and boring.


I don't think it will be Derek. Patrick Dempsey just resigned his contract so that doesn't make any sense. I honestly think it will be Arizona. My reasoning has nothing to do with Callie and everything to do with Alex. He's set to go off to Hopkins with this amazing opportunity, so what's to keep him at the hospital (and Shonda already said it wouldn't be an original that dies) but the need for a Peds surgeon. I think in the face of his mentor's death, he would stay, no matter the opportunity in Maryland.