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Grey's Anatomy Promos: Six Went Down. One Will Die.

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In the aftermath of the shocking plane crash, the doctors must battle to stay alive while trying to save the lives of their peers on the eighth season finale of Grey's Anatomy this Thursday night.

Make no mistake, the consequences will be very real, and very drastic.

Six went down. One will die. The latest teaser for "Flight" (click here for the first Grey's Anatomy promo) says as much, while offering a few new snippets of the episode, which picks up where review of "Migration" let off.

Who will make it out alive, and who will pay the ultimate price?

Watch the latest ABC promo, as well as the Canadian version, which also shows a few different scenes from what is sure to be another edge-of-your-seat, season ending installment, below:

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There's no telling which way this will go, but I suspect Arizona is going to die. I hope not, because I love her character, but I can see where Shonda might be heading in that scenario. Arizona's left to help the pilot, she uses everything in her to get him out of the plane. In the process, she dies. Severed artery in her leg, explosion, lots of scenearios here. The voice over with Callie really makes me think Doc Skate Shoes is gone. Remember last season's cliffhanger when Callie and Arizona got in the car crash and Callie almost died? Eerily similar, and the kicker would be that they can't cheat life forever. Plus, Capshaw's expecting in real life, another reason her character might get the axe. Derek's smashed his hand so it's going to be quite unusable for a long time, essentially kissing his sweet job at Harvard goodbye. Meredith will stay with him at Seattle Grace while he recovers, and might even get a promotion in the Neurosurgery dept. And after the trauma Cristina will decide what's most important in her life, and that's Mer and perhaps Owen. Clearly, if Lexie lives, Mark will want her back. But there will be another problem. If Arizona dies, Mark will likely be a full time Daddy for the foreseeable future while Callie mourns Arizona's death. Which will put Lexie in the position of a sort of stepmom to Mark's baby. Making her rethink the whole "I'm in love with you, Mark" thinkg. No perfect happily ever after for Sloan and Lexie just yet.


I think Shonda is doing this on purpose. She WANTS us to speculate and argue and make up plots and freak out. I also agree with those who have said the promos show too much of the crash and not enough of what is going on at the hospital. Also I think there is going to be a HUGE twist and no one is safe, and no one is going to see this coming. Everyone pull out the kleenex. I know I will need it.


I'm sure it's not someone on the plane. 6 went down, 1 will die. 6 people went down with the plane and 1 person will die in the hospital. The person dying is either Adele or April.


Lexie is definately the one who is in the worst condition after the crash. They're killing off Lexie. If Lexie dies, so does everyone else as far as I'm concerned. All I've been doing this season is waiting for Slexie..WTF!


I think it's going to be April...I think she is going to suicide herself or something like that... too bad, I liked April too. The second option would be Arizona as for the last lines she told Callie.


I think it will be Mark. He and Christina will work really hard to save Lexie and then he'll just drop dead or something. Although I hope not. I would rather it be Arizona. And I gotta say, when I watched the first look video on with the first 8 minutes and it showed Derek hit his hand with the rock, it reminded me of the movie 127 hours...yikes...


ABC released first 5 min off the final


I was glad to read that the major characters are not being killed off. I would also hate to see Arizona or Lexie go. And I know I may be living in the past, but I so desperately want to see Izzie return. I miss her character, and honestly feel that she and Alex were perfect for each other, and lets admit it, Alex has been floundering in the romance department since she left. Maybe Shonda will bring her back and pick their story line back up.......


Please please don't let Arizona die. Please please. She and Callie are the best couple on television.

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