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Grey's Anatomy Promos: Six Went Down. One Will Die.

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In the aftermath of the shocking plane crash, the doctors must battle to stay alive while trying to save the lives of their peers on the eighth season finale of Grey's Anatomy this Thursday night.

Make no mistake, the consequences will be very real, and very drastic.

Six went down. One will die. The latest teaser for "Flight" (click here for the first Grey's Anatomy promo) says as much, while offering a few new snippets of the episode, which picks up where review of "Migration" let off.

Who will make it out alive, and who will pay the ultimate price?

Watch the latest ABC promo, as well as the Canadian version, which also shows a few different scenes from what is sure to be another edge-of-your-seat, season ending installment, below:

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Are you kidding me! Cmon!!! Lexie?? Why her???


i'm actually quite content with Lexi dying. It's rather very sad, but I couldn't imagine one of the originals being killed off.


I am a die hard Grey's Anatomy fan. I hope they come next season. I did hate that Lexy died. I think we be surprised next season. She might have wanted to move on. Her contract probably ended. Shocking and graphic episode!!!!!!


So disappointed they killed off one of the more entertaining characters. Lexi, Callie and the amazing Bailey make each and every story line better. Lexi is amazing. Perhaps they'll do a Dallas and make it all a bad dream! Hokie, but if it means Lexi will come back, I'll take it.


Uh uh, no way. Unless they find a way to bring Lexi back, alive, I'm done with this show, and this network. It was bad enough that they took away George, but Lexi, not her. She was by far the favorite character. The show will not be the same. I love Arizona, but better her than Lexi. Everyone else in Meredith's family has died. Bring Lexi back, alive somehow! I don't care how!


Lexie is dead?! Are you kidding me! Most dramatic episode ever. Reasons for all the originals to stay but Lexie dying is just appalling. Will have to reconsider watching next season if they can't find a way to fix this. Have always loved the show but unless Chyler has gone off the way of Heigl there is no good reason for her character to die.


I sat and cried when Lexie died. Why take Lexie? Should have taken
Christina. I am not watching next season. I guess I wanted to see Lexie and
Mark together again.
Well, one less viewer


My husband thinks I'm crazy but I get attached to these characters and now mourning my favorite character.


Worst episode ever. Can't believe Lexi is dead. I wanted her and Mark to get together. Please let all of this be a dream or hallucination. I didn't think it could be real because they killed her off so early in the episode. I think April would have been obvious, but I don't think she is an important character.


derek isnt going to die cuase i was reading something a few days ago and it said that all the originals have renewd the contracts for another 2 years and this was 2 or 3 days ago and i think its going to be lexie cause she is suspose to be on another show.