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Grey's Anatomy Promos: Six Went Down. One Will Die.

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In the aftermath of the shocking plane crash, the doctors must battle to stay alive while trying to save the lives of their peers on the eighth season finale of Grey's Anatomy this Thursday night.

Make no mistake, the consequences will be very real, and very drastic.

Six went down. One will die. The latest teaser for "Flight" (click here for the first Grey's Anatomy promo) says as much, while offering a few new snippets of the episode, which picks up where review of "Migration" let off.

Who will make it out alive, and who will pay the ultimate price?

Watch the latest ABC promo, as well as the Canadian version, which also shows a few different scenes from what is sure to be another edge-of-your-seat, season ending installment, below:

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I loved lexie why kill her off the show,she was the good girl damn man!! why her!!!


I think it was all a dream did you hear the wind chimes playing when wind chimes are playing it mean someone is dreaming or an angel is watching over them. I think it will be owen who commits suicide over christina leaving him. remember he does have ptsd and so does christina. There is just something strange about the wimdchimes and the helicopter that didn't see them. And also christina saying to meridith "I have ptsd you know I am unreliable"


I will always remain a loyal fan of the show greys anatomy. Life is messy and hard. And just because people die shouldn't be a reason to stop watching it. People die in real life and you keep on living. That is what the show has taught me. I will keep on watching and keep on living. This show is good medicine to me. It helps me be a stronger person through all the twists and turns ups and downs of this rollercoaster we call life. Flight or fight. Fight or flight. Your choice.


this is my thoughts on the greys anatomy season finale. I believe it's a dream I just don't know who's the 1 dreaming. if you watch the episode again you hear wind chimes I have been researching what wind chimes mean. some people claim to hear wind chimes while there asleep dreaming others say there angels. again I believe someone is dreaming. we all know that christina and owen suffer from ptsd christina also claimed during that episode" meredith I have ptsd you know I'm unreliable" we also remember that owen had an episode where he saw a fan blades about christina's bed that reminds him of the chopper and he choked christina. the wind chimes the chopper they could all be triggers. I know this sounds far fetched but I have a feeling that own will commit suicide because christina decides to leave him or she dies. now to the fate of lexie grey. I am still uncertain of her death. I still believe someone is dreaming. I guess will have to wait until season 9 to find out. I believe shonda should name that episode fight. as in fight or flight. which I believe ultimently make o n kill himself


No way not lexie, bring lexie and mark back, lexie leaves this viewer leaves and all the other lexie lovers will go too!! First Henry, that was terrible but lexie and mark would be terminal!! Dream, or no dream. Lexie better have just passed out!! Bring lexie back


No way!!! Lexie and mark die this viewer is gone!! Lexie and mark belong on the show, Greg's will lose a lot if they kill them.... A lot of viewer's will be gone too!!


Can you please bring back Lexi?????????? Please please please


SERIOUSLY?! Lexi?! I'm with everyone else. Lexi better have just passed out because if she is off the show, I am done with GA! George was bad enough, I wish they had killed Izzie off and just sent George off to war. And with Altman leaving too! Seriously! SO done with GA if Lexi is really gone!


Malicious, demonic, sickening


how awful!!!! a weekend later and im still not over lexi's death! dont kill off anyone else, would not be able to bear that. very greatful for new seasons 9&10 to come.