Grey's Anatomy Death Watch: Who's Safe?

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As you've likely heard by now, the Grey's Anatomy season finale spoilers revealed by EP/show-runner Shonda Rhimes herself have indicated that this very dark episode will claim the life of at least one cast member.

While we don't know who the major death is, we now know who it's not.

Handsome Avery

According to TV Line, The Originals (i.e. Meredith, Cristina, Alex) are safe. Ditto Bailey, Jackson and Mark. So, if you had any of them in the pool, looks like you already lost. But you'll probably take it.

Who does that leave? And who do you think dies? Sound off below ...

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It's almost got to be Kepner. After she failed her boards, there is really no job spot open for her, and she almost has to leave the show. Her mental breakdown probably leads to disaster.


I think it will be April who dies. I think the pressure of sleeping with Jackson and feeling like she betrayed Jesus is too much. Then she fails the boards which puts her over the edge. I think April will end up comitting Suicide in the final episode.


I think it's going to be Owen. It looks like Christina is planning on staying with him, and it would therefore devastate a main char. We know it's not an original cast member, so I think killing off one of their spouses is the next thing. Unless it's Izzie like someone else suggested. I do hope they bring her back, just not to kill off. There is always the chance that they kill off an original cast member and then have them return as a ghost like they did in that stupid storyline with Izzie and Denny...


Ok, so safe: Mer, Der, Christina, Bailey, Alex, Jackson, Mark, Webber not safe: Owen, Lexie, Teddy, Callie, Arizona, Kepner Hmmm did I miss anyone major? Are Adele and Mommy Avery included? If they are then it's probably Adele. If not, I'm betting on Teddy.


ive really put some thought into this and personally it makes sense that the person who dies is Izzy. There has to be some sort of closure with the audience concerning Izzie's situation. She was an original. doesnt make sense how it could be anyone else!


WOW. Am i the only person who actually likes Teddy? I'm just so pissed that Shonda hasnt given her a proper storyline since Henry died (which by the way sucked for me! They where amazing together, even though i knew the whole time it was going to end bad) Also April has really grown on me this season, so she's definitely a keeper. And i know people are going to be pissed at me for saying this (Don't yet me wrong i lOVE Alex) but his whole part is getting old. They dump some crazy/emotional/damanged chic on's boring after the 3rd time so i dont think i'd miss him too much as this point which is sad because he used to be my favourite!


some posts are terribel! No one is a bad guy! it's really dark!
To: GA PR & Shonda, you win! I can see the ratings is up!!


probably it's derek, i hope it's not owen


i bet its teddy, they cant kill derek without him the show wont be the same!!
and if it really is teddy christina would probably be offered her job and she wouldn't leave seattle grace for a different job!! her bream is head of cardio!


I think Derek is the one to die, thats my vote!