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WARNING: The scenes below contain MAJOR spoilers regarding tonight's episode. If you wish to watch "The Return of the Ring" without key details revealed, stop reading right here and now.

Two new sneak peeks from tonight's Gossip Girl's has been revealed, and are sure to spark discussion in the hours leading up to the fifth season finale. The new clips feature exchanges between Chuck and Blair.

In the first, she appears to have made her decision:

In the second clip ... the picture is far less pretty.

We won't know the full context (or obviously the resolution) until after "The Return of The Ring" airs, but when Blair confesses her love to Chuck, he appears to rebuff her, claiming that's not enough for him.

Appearing resentful for always putting her first, only to have her bet against him every time (an assertion that's sure to be debated in the comments below), Chuck pointedly says he doesn't want to be "Mr. Blair Waldorf."

Watch the scene below and share your take on it:

If this scene means what it looks like it means, what will the fallout be? In less than nine hours, we'll have our answer. In the meantime, share your predictions, theories and reactions with us below.

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This episode better end with a happy ending for Chair because I seriously can't take any more back and forth. Stick with one couple for the shortened season 6 and tackle other issues that don't have to deal with who Blair will end up with. I think that next season should be about finding out who GG is that way everyone can be together like old times. I have a bad feeling that the episode is going to end on another stupid cliffhanger.... ugh.


I wish tht Chair never happens cuz C i hate uuuuuuuuu :@


I will watch tonights episode, but I know I will be disappointed. Gossip Girl has only had one happy season finale, and that was season 2 when Chuck and Blair were kissing in the street and he was finally saying those three little words. Ever since then, its been this stupid back and forth, they are together, they aren't together. Just make Chair fans happy let them be together for good this time, and then move on to a whole new story line next season. Hire some new writers if need be. Just finish the Chuck and Blair story and MOVE ON!


how can we tell the writers to take down these videos... i dont have twitter account. Any other way? They are very important/huge scenes and if Dair fans see them , the ratings are going to be terrible. What, all 25 of you are going to not watch? The ratings are terrible already. The writers have taken what was once an amazing show and ruined every character and insulted the audience's intelligence with dropped storylines, too many "oh, that happened offscreen" explanations via Twitter, and most recently Zombie Bart rises from the dead. Season 5 has been a study in What Not To Do for a successful TV series. Chuck and Blair are the reason MANY people watch this show and by having them reunite in the finale, it shows that the writers know this. Dair was a horrible mistake.


Seriously AGAIN? Don't think I can watch this Chair crapfest one more time. This season has been a joke from the start and looks like will end as one too. Just put it and us out of our misery NOW and don't bother with season 6.


Ah great, we're in for the annual finale Chair love confession 'meant to be together' malarkey, Safran thinks we're all going giddy in anticipation of wherever the heck they'll be having inpromptu sex this time around. Seriously, has Blair's head been wiped? There's a limit to how long viewers find 'who Blair will be with' fun to watch, only to find out the writers are stringing them along so that the ratings don't go kaputz.


ugh, in season 4 blair rejected chuck because she didn't want to be seen as chuck bass's girlfriend and that was the cheapest ploy to keep them apart ever, and now chuck is rejecting blair because he doesn't want to be mr blair waldorf?? enough with those pathetic excuses, please!


im not gonna watch these as I don't want to be spoiled, but how many sneak peeks do we really need?! they kill the episode when they keep leaking clips because everyone knows whats gonna happen. WHERE IS THE SUSPENSE!!! it's so stupid!


Super excited for tonight! Another clip was released too. Dan stood up to Blair as well. Great Job Chuck and Dan for standing up to Blair and not letting her straddle the fence. Blair picked Chuck! Yay! We know where her heart is. We always knew, they have been doing this for 5 years! I am glad that Dan stood up to Blair, but I can't feel sorry for him though. Serena loves him and he treated her like shit. I hope Serena stands up to him.


So, I am neither a Chair nor Dair fan BUT....these clips are a perfect example of what has gone wrong with this show. Blair changes personalities each week. They ruined Chair with all the ridiculous storylines from seasons 4 and 5. They ruined Dair by having Blair bounce in and out of love every five seconds. What was the point? Chuck deserves better. Dan deserves better. Blair and Serena both need to take some time away figure out who they really want to be.

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

I don't want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf. I'm Chuck Bass.


You say I always bet against you. Not this time. I'm all in.