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WARNING: The scenes below contain MAJOR spoilers regarding tonight's episode. If you wish to watch "The Return of the Ring" without key details revealed, stop reading right here and now.

Two new sneak peeks from tonight's Gossip Girl's has been revealed, and are sure to spark discussion in the hours leading up to the fifth season finale. The new clips feature exchanges between Chuck and Blair.

In the first, she appears to have made her decision:

In the second clip ... the picture is far less pretty.

We won't know the full context (or obviously the resolution) until after "The Return of The Ring" airs, but when Blair confesses her love to Chuck, he appears to rebuff her, claiming that's not enough for him.

Appearing resentful for always putting her first, only to have her bet against him every time (an assertion that's sure to be debated in the comments below), Chuck pointedly says he doesn't want to be "Mr. Blair Waldorf."

Watch the scene below and share your take on it:

If this scene means what it looks like it means, what will the fallout be? In less than nine hours, we'll have our answer. In the meantime, share your predictions, theories and reactions with us below.

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@ take that dair...only 11 eps is good. any more and they would destroy Chair again.


Blair chose Chuck (she does not even know that Dan slept with S so that did not play a role). Chuck walked away because his dad filled his head with CRAPOLA. Chuck was with Jack at casino..jack called Blair and she came to the casino and told Chuck she is betting with him not against him, she's going to fight for him and she is all in. He looked at her in awe and that is the end.


OMG I was waiting to be screwed over by te GG writers any minute. But they did not dissapoint they made my heart melt today. So glad that I decided to watch the finale. I was really debating if I should. :) anyways loved the ending just hope C doesn't go back to his old ways and reggress on his improvement. Ahhhh I can honestly say that I am excited for next season. And I know people don't like Bart Bass being is alive but I love it. I also loved Lily! I never really like Rufly.


Omg I got my baby's back!! And now I got to wait to sept : ( and they're is only going to be 11 eps : , ( omg im sad!!!


tell me what happened!!! not in the us, can't watch it! i'm dying!!!!


Aaagggghhhh....best part was the end!!!!! Loved it


YESSSS, This time i'm ALL IN


i would be great if they stop the show after the two season they made now it's ridicolus the only reason i see it again is for chiar finally reunion nothing else!


I think the leaked spoilers had part true part lie. They had the general lines of what happened in these 2 scenes, so if you read the spoilers the scenes are not a complete shocker. What is left to discover is if Blair broke up with Dan before going to Chuck and how exactly is Bart taking everything away from Chuck, and more importantly why.


Dair is in despair as Chuck Bass is about to kick big time ass!

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

I don't want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf. I'm Chuck Bass.


You say I always bet against you. Not this time. I'm all in.