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WARNING: The scenes below contain MAJOR spoilers regarding tonight's episode. If you wish to watch "The Return of the Ring" without key details revealed, stop reading right here and now.

Two new sneak peeks from tonight's Gossip Girl's has been revealed, and are sure to spark discussion in the hours leading up to the fifth season finale. The new clips feature exchanges between Chuck and Blair.

In the first, she appears to have made her decision:

In the second clip ... the picture is far less pretty.

We won't know the full context (or obviously the resolution) until after "The Return of The Ring" airs, but when Blair confesses her love to Chuck, he appears to rebuff her, claiming that's not enough for him.

Appearing resentful for always putting her first, only to have her bet against him every time (an assertion that's sure to be debated in the comments below), Chuck pointedly says he doesn't want to be "Mr. Blair Waldorf."

Watch the scene below and share your take on it:

If this scene means what it looks like it means, what will the fallout be? In less than nine hours, we'll have our answer. In the meantime, share your predictions, theories and reactions with us below.

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I don't know why everyone assumes the person Nate saw was a guy...my first impression of that scene was it was Lola....was she with Nate the entire time in that house?....I don't think so..she showed up with Serena...they had to change clothes....she could have done it then....plus Gossip Girl is really focused on Serena and Blair....so it has to be someone who is against them...before the scene I thought it was penelope. She alway loved Nate...and he was with both Blair and Serena.....I don't think she will ever be officially revealed...it's just up for us to ponder


I think the real Gossip Girl might be Dan. That' s why he said he's going to write the book he should have written in the first place...cuz he knows everyone's secrets? Hmm..


@twilight, Vanessa went to Barcelona, Spain.


Chuck really needs B in his life, both males in his life are A-holes. I can't believe his dad got the ring back just to test him.


Diana sent Nate a vid from her slut club showing gg dressed in black searching for and retrieving the lap top.


I really hope season 6 is not about blair getting chuck back. they should just be together building their empire and planning a wedding. Serena will be brought back to the forefront as it was supposed to be all about her to begin with.


Who saw gossipgirl????


What happened to Serena finding her way this season. This show is so lame--Serena deserves so much better than the garbage they've been writing for her. Lily and Bart, what the heck? Sure, Blair and Chuck back together (sort of) is nice, but everything else was about as dumb as it can get! I'll be curious to see if anyone watches next seasons few episodes. Disaster!


Since we all know that he is not "Chuck Bass" without "Blair Waldorf", at least it could be a fun arc for next year. Finally to let them grow together, as a couple, and create their place to reign in the U.E.S.


Yeah that Dangina thing is weird. Where did Vanessa go? Was it rome..maybe they will find eachother over the summer...lol. Dan will have threesomes all summer.

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

I don't want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf. I'm Chuck Bass.


You say I always bet against you. Not this time. I'm all in.