Gossip Girl Season 6 Spoilers: Takedowns, Breakdowns and Sex Tapes, Oh My!

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Sex tapes. Heartbreak. Backstabbing. Revenge.

Several relationships unraveled, while one was rekindled as Gossip Girl Season 5 came to a close Monday, ending a turbulent chapter and setting the table for its upcoming swan song with a number of surprising plot lines.

Old faces returned and new adversaries were revealed (sort of). Lonely Boy is again an outsider in earnest. A fallen It Girl has taken her darkest turn yet after sabotaging her best friend. A Dark Knight is desperate to prove himself.

Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf

The parallels to the show's 2007 pilot were unmistakable.

“Getting ready for Season 6, everybody re-watched the pilot,” executive producer Stephanie Savage told TV Line. “We talked about what our favorite episodes were, some of our favorite dynamics. We’re leaving it all on the floor.

"We really want [the final season] to count and to be really special. The gang that you saw in that final act of 'The Return of the Ring' will be the main players when we come back.”

Additional excerpts and spoilers from Savage's interview below:

On Blair's return to Chuck: “It was Blair coming to declare that she was in it to win it with Chuck and leaving that [relationship's future] as the question of Season 6. We crafted the last act of the episode to set us in a certain direction next year.”

On how dirty Dan plans on playing in his quest for vengeance, with the help of his new ally: “When you call in Georgina Sparks, you’re not looking to [play nice].”

On Serena's downward spiral: “Feeling like she’s lost Blair, lost Dan, she’s all by herself again. It’s going to put her in a pretty precarious situation.”

On the Derena sex tape: “Well, if somebody had a sex tape on their cell phone, and they said they deleted it, but you never really saw that it was deleted…”

On the big "reveal" and Nate's quest to bring down Gossip Girl: “This is something that has larger implications to the franchise beyond just our series … That reveal requires conversations at the highest level.”

How do you see things playing out? Are Chuck and Blair endgame? Will he and Jack dethrone Bart? Can Ivy take down Lily? How low will S go? Has Dan lost his mind? Will the their sex tape hit the Internet?

And will Gossip Girl finally, after half a decade, be unmasked?

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Chuck and blair should get married... serena and dan we all loved them in season 1 serena is at her best with Dan...but dan should do something about his hair in season 6 I min c'mon pipo he looks so dirty...


Dair is dead and buried. thank god!!!! they ruined the show.But i don't think season 6 will fix all the damage they've done to the show, no one in this world can fix what safran has done to the show; it's really sad because i used to love this show

You define beauty

its nice to see how many people love dair! if they wont end the show with dan&blair together, they'll destroy everything that was ever good about the show.. bringing back chuck&blair and jumping on that train AGAIN is just too damn boring and repetitive.. too bad it will probably go exactly that way. anyway, have much fun with this season, its probably gonna suck. i'm probably youtube-ing the dan scenes tho.


ya I'd like to see Serena and Dan get back together......Chuck and Blair I know they will end up together but I don't really care about them too much drama there.....and I know this will probably (most definitely is more like it)but I'd love to see Nate end up with Venessa....I know most people didn't like them together but I did...and jenny should get into an accident and die..can't stand her and everyone lives happily ever after!!!


Dair is just amazing. I jumped most of the Gossip girls episodes but now very much in love with season 4 and season 5 because of DAIR. I just bought the DVD and have watched it over and over and still not yet bored. Dair's just amazing. And if this show is really all about the drama in the Upper East Side's elite, i think it would be really be a dumb move to return to old routing. I mean they've grown up, not in high school anymore. Why can't people see that!


we love dair. bring back dair. that's the only logical thing in GG


i believe that serena and dan should get back together , they complete each other , blair and chuck should as well , and serena and blair shud just stop the fighting and bebestfrends again , also for lily she needs to be taught a lesson , gossip girl should be revealed that would be a finale , we at least deserve it , nate should find one that completes him and be happy , jenny i dnt care frankly , and everything to have a good ending


Who the hell watches a show just for it to go back to how it was. Gossip GIRL A TRAGIC FAIL!!!!


...MY OPINION, so if you don't like it, I don't really care. That's all. :P


Here's my perfect finale: Blair and Chuck together again (possibly engaged or married), Dan and Serena reunited (because, honestly, who DIDN'T love them in Season 1?!), and Nate with someone who completes him (I'm thinking/hoping that he ends up with Vanessa, because I loved them dating waaay back in Season 1...or was it 2...?). I hope Jenny finds someone nice (I gotta say, I was rooting for her and Eric, until he turned out gay...and yeah, I was probably the last person to even see him being gay) or being a really successful fashion designer. Rufus and Lily are 'normal' again (i.e. still married, all problems fixed), Bart either out of the picture or NOT trying to ruin Chuck's life, (SPOILER FOR THOSE WHO DIDNT SEE THE FINALE) Eleanor and Cyrus enjoying retirement, somewhere away from the drama or something. All the stupid drama from seasons 4 and 5 out of the picture (i.e. Lola, Charlie, Carol, Ivy, Louis, the Grimaldis, etc.). Anyway, if I left anything out, whatever. This is only MY OPINION, so if you don't like, I don't really care. That's all. :P

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