Gossip Girl Season 6 Spoilers: Takedowns, Breakdowns and Sex Tapes, Oh My!

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Sex tapes. Heartbreak. Backstabbing. Revenge.

Several relationships unraveled, while one was rekindled as Gossip Girl Season 5 came to a close Monday, ending a turbulent chapter and setting the table for its upcoming swan song with a number of surprising plot lines.

Old faces returned and new adversaries were revealed (sort of). Lonely Boy is again an outsider in earnest. A fallen It Girl has taken her darkest turn yet after sabotaging her best friend. A Dark Knight is desperate to prove himself.

Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf

The parallels to the show's 2007 pilot were unmistakable.

“Getting ready for Season 6, everybody re-watched the pilot,” executive producer Stephanie Savage told TV Line. “We talked about what our favorite episodes were, some of our favorite dynamics. We’re leaving it all on the floor.

"We really want [the final season] to count and to be really special. The gang that you saw in that final act of 'The Return of the Ring' will be the main players when we come back.”

Additional excerpts and spoilers from Savage's interview below:

On Blair's return to Chuck: “It was Blair coming to declare that she was in it to win it with Chuck and leaving that [relationship's future] as the question of Season 6. We crafted the last act of the episode to set us in a certain direction next year.”

On how dirty Dan plans on playing in his quest for vengeance, with the help of his new ally: “When you call in Georgina Sparks, you’re not looking to [play nice].”

On Serena's downward spiral: “Feeling like she’s lost Blair, lost Dan, she’s all by herself again. It’s going to put her in a pretty precarious situation.”

On the Derena sex tape: “Well, if somebody had a sex tape on their cell phone, and they said they deleted it, but you never really saw that it was deleted…”

On the big "reveal" and Nate's quest to bring down Gossip Girl: “This is something that has larger implications to the franchise beyond just our series … That reveal requires conversations at the highest level.”

How do you see things playing out? Are Chuck and Blair endgame? Will he and Jack dethrone Bart? Can Ivy take down Lily? How low will S go? Has Dan lost his mind? Will the their sex tape hit the Internet?

And will Gossip Girl finally, after half a decade, be unmasked?

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Let dan&vanessa cm 2gether,chuck&blair,too,i also tink d gossip girl isnt bad,she just reports d truth dat has been kept secreat.though it has caused major havoc,becos of bad timming.GG Cld b vanessa or dan COS they 'r writters..even any of d cast cld b d gossip girl,its jst that each 1 of them hv been hummiliated by G.G.


Oh,i meanth 2 say serena likes nath as a friend(not dan)i tink she loves dan,bt i dont want dem 2gether.


Iv not seen season 5,but i want chuck&blair 2geda,chuck in all his'badness'has only truly been in lv with blair,unlike Dan&nath who have been in&out of lv with Serena,vanessa,blair,jenny.etc.i also want dan 2 settle with his best friend vanessa,they realy like each other,serena does not realy like dan,except as a friend,so they cant b 2gether,she should get married 2 a rich guy in far away land.@least all friends should nt end up 2gether,she is related 2 dan so i dont want them 2gether...pls make dis happen:-)


I lv blair&chuck 2gether as endgame..i dnt know why she had 2 start liking dan,its either chuck or nath 4 her since nath was her ist lv.but nath?i thot he&dan where supposed 2 b d good guys but they have slept with almost all their girl friends on d show.let dan go back 2 his nice self&get married 2 his best friend vanessa,i wld b so happy,if vanessa comes back&they understand themselves.serena?i dont know,she&dan are kind of related she should hook up with...sm1 else.

@ Kayla

I'm sorry but Vanessa shouldn't have ended up with dan she turned into a total bitch at the end and she wasn't herself and she can't really blame the upper east side because she was never really apart of it


Blair and Chuck are meant for each other thats a given but cmon Serena and Nate need to end up together. They are meant for each other. Dan and Serena are over they cannot be together anymore he is so annoying he ruined season 4 and 5 so i dont care what happens to him. if they dont end up together i am going to be really mad! All i want is Serena and Nate together at the end if you dont agree with me go watch season 3 again they are perfect!!


I really love GG but I watch it for Chuck and Blair. Come on they should end together! They have been through so much together.. they love each other from season 1 they are the only couple that always survives while the other ends! Their chemistry is the best in the show! And if you don't want Blair to be with Chuck she should be with Nate he was her first love and they were so sweet together!


Chuck and Blair forever ...
Ivy is not part of Van der woodsen , so why take revenge on lily ...


Chuck and blair!!! nuff sed:)


It's obvious Chair is the endgame.Although I don't like the couple ı was accepted it as an endgame.But not like that.I think they rush the relationship which caused season finale has a lot of gaps and irrevilant to past episodes.Anyway That was the finale for me I won't watch 6th season.


Derena is not over !whow else you explein their love in all those seasons. Im sure that in season 6 dan will remember whp is the love of his life and he will come back to serena because they were meant to be like chick said to serena:You dont give up on the people you love!!!!he was right!Dan will never give up on serena ,i know he is not!!As for Nate and serena get over it serenate fans they are not coming back serena loves dan and becides i read somewere that the producers said that nate and serena are over for good!!!!!!DERENA FOREVER!!!!!

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