Gossip Girl Producers: Return to "Core Dynamics and Characters" Ahead

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Gossip Girl's core characters and dynamics will be on display in the CW drama's sixth and final season this fall, according to executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

With show-runner Josh Safran departing to helm Smash Season 2, and producer Sara Goodman elevated to his former role, one can at least hope (if not expect) this will actually be the case.

Schwartz confirms that the 11-episode Gossip Girl Season 6 will focus on a return to the “core dynamics and the core characters” that drew fans to the show in droves at the outset.

Blair and Chuck

Adds Savage of the coming conclusion to the show:

“There are definitely some things we want to see in the Gossip Girl series finale, and we think we have a great opportunity to tell those final stories and honor our characters and honor our fans."

"We’re all really excited for this final run.”

What about you? Are you excited or apathetic? Do you think the show will redeem itself in its final chapter? What kind of stories are you hoping to see in the sixth season swan song come October?

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@LovelyLisa - I agree with you in that I would really love to see that Chuck was the true father of Blair's baby, rather than Louis. I feel like if the writers made the choice to do the whole baby storyline, then they should have realized (or SHOULD realize) that it's just too big to sweep under the rug and pretend it never happened. I'm still bothered by the scene where Blair goes to Chuck's apartment to tell him she was pregnant... there was definitely something off, like she was hiding something. So I think it would be totally crazy for S6 to have the revelation that Chuck was the real father... it could bring a lot of emotion. My only concern with something like that happening is that it will turn into just another device that tears Blair and Chuck apart... cause obviously he would have every reason to flip the hell out at her for lying. I just wish that they would give more episodes for season 6 because 10 feels way too short to give us all the resolutions we need.


I was a fan of Dair. I'm also a fan of Chair so I definitely hope they are endgame but I think they gave up on Dair too soon. I agree they got boring when they became a couple, but if we remember, so did Chuck and Blair. I also agree with someone here but when it was said that they distanced the couple from the other characters. I am sad to see them go. This was one of my favorite shows. I hope it goes out with a bang. Let Serena go down in flames.


It's been a while since i watched gossip girl.The truth is i stopped watching after the 10th episode of gossip girl and then i heard that dan and blair were a couple and it made me stopped watching this show forever.The writers really mocked the fans with this "couple" so what's next blair and rufus or chuck and serena.This couple is an insult, don't care if chuck and blair are back together it's too late they crossed the line for me.What they've done is unforgivable.


Dair would've made sense if the writers knew how to write for a couple. They made them boring with storylines that isolated them from the rest of the cast. They would've have been better off not going there at all if they weren't going to do it well. All thats happened now is the Dair friendship is is ruins, Blerena is in ruins, Derena in ruins, back to boring old Chair (believe me the only way they will be making that relationship interesting will be because of the planned scheming for Bass Industries). GG is over for me. Won't be there for S6. Its lost the plot - literally!


You wanna know who is to blame for the epic failure of that Dair paring? That safran guy who's now departing off gg to smash (another show I love, I hope he doesn't ruin it). He was living his own fantasy with dair and it obv didn't work out, took him an entire seasont o realizem ugh hate that gay bag


I have been a fan of Gossip Girl from the beginning and I will be said to see them go. That being said, the fifth season was the worst, expect for a few episodes, the finale being the best. It showed a vital part of life: everything comes full circle. In order to give us fans that goodbye we deserve we need to get back to how it began. I just hope Blair doesn't give up in fighting for Chuck. It's high time for her to do the work for their relationship because he's done nothing but fight for her and she used that to her advantage. And it’s time for her to get back to scheming with the NJBC!


@Arfte Dair didn't make any sense to me. It was so forced. And I am sorry, but I hated Blair during the whole Dair arc. It was so pathetic she still wanting to be a princess and giving pretentious "intelectuall" parties in Brooklyin with Dan. How is this growing up? She was just pretending to be someone else (Claire). It was annoying how she could only have scenes with Dan and Dorota. I hated how the writers isolated her from Chuck, Nate and Serena. A lot of things were sacrificed to make DB happen. It was so stupid, and as the ratings show, the audience was bored. I am really glad boring Claire is gone and Blair is back.


Boo. Make it 11 at least. 10 is not enough.


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