Gossip Girl Producers Preview "The Return of the Ring"

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In an extra-long version of their weekly video preview, the producers of Gossip Girl offer us a glimpse of what's to come in Monday night's much-anticipated fifth season finale, "The Return of the Ring."

Their mixture of clips and commentary helps paint a picture of the episode to come, as did the news earlier today that someone sees G.G., like for real, next week. She apparently plays a major role.

A few things we learned from the video below:

  • Serena claims she never intended for Blair's diary to be published, and that she only took a photo of it so she could, only to have Gossip Girl steal her laptop and everything on it.
  • Blair sends her minions to contain the damage, possibly in vain.
  • Dan grows uncomfortable over Chair growing closer together, setting up a clear choice that Blair will make - one way or the other - to finally settle the love triangle in this episode.
  • William van der Woodsen returns, and Lola gets big news that not only impacts not only herself, but her relationship with Nate and quite possibly the future of the Upper East Side.
  • Lily and Rufus have decisions to make that change everything.
  • Gossip Girl's back, in a major way, and is not happy ... she is very ready to prove to everybody just how powerful she is. Sounds ominous, doesn't it? How will it play out?

Follow this link for more Gossip Girl season finale spoilers and discussion, then sound off on what you think will go down in "The Return of The Ring" in the comments below:

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Omg serena bought coke I'm like so stunned like I always wanted her to have one season were she terns into the old Serena andthe what I would say the fantastick 4 comes to gather and like it was weird because before the firt season every one was just kinda used to it and they were all like oh ashes drunk who want to bring her up stairs. Ad like dan GET A LIFE. And stop only thinking about Jr self and Rufus like the second u r threatened u go to lily but u haven't spoken to her in monthes so exited for the next season!!!!!!!


The spoiler is not true. A lot of us have already written about it yesterday and the day before. Chuck and Blair do not go to Monte Carlo, Blair was divorced from Louis of Monaco, ie. Monte Carlo (it is the same place). Monaco is a principality, a Monte Carlo is a city, but it's the same place. Casino is definitely in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, they are closer.


that spoiler was most likely not true i read that and there are tons of articles pointing out the flaws with that spoiler.... it was a bored person who just made up a scenario that just fit all the spoilers btu that doesn't mean its true


@chair not true. Foilers abound. That was a foiler.


No one is together in the season finale and that is okay because it is not the series finale...what happens in the next 11 episodes after tomorrow it what is important.


Where is that you read about the finale?


I'm sorry Chair fans, but in the finale Chair does not get together. Someone uploaded what goes on the finale like minute by minute, and what happens is that Chuck says he done with her and can't marry her but really needs a friend right now (obviosuly some more drama but thats a summary) and at the final minutes it shows what everybody is doing this summer and it shows a picture of chuck and blair in Monte Carlo. Blair and Dan pretty much break up because Blair sees them together getting into a cab.


@Princess GG
I agree with you. Serena should be happy and to marry. And the only person with whom Serena can be happy is Dan and vice versa. Remember the scene from the 100th episode when Serena and Dan go together to the altar. The two were more beautiful than the bride and groom! Serena and Dan are the fate of each other!


Thanks @ Sarah clarified about the photo! I remember that Nate has hired Andrew Tyler, but there, I did not remembered that Elizabeth sent a photo.


I'm not sure for picture. Why would Nate contacted with Elizabeth? Maybe you're right. I remember that Chuck showed a picture of him and Jack on the beach where you can see Jack tattoo on his hand.

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