David McCallum Signs Two-Year Extension With NCIS

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David McCallum will return to NCIS for a 10th season next fall, and an 11th the year after that if the series continues on CBS. The original cast member agreed to a new, two-year contract this week.

McCallum is one of four original cast members whose contracts are up at the end of this season, along with Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Sean Murray (who joined during the first season).

During the quartet’s previous renegotiation two years ago, McCallum again was the first to reach a new agreement at the end of April. Talks with the other three stretched past the upfronts into June.

Gibbs and Duck

There is indication of that scenario happening again this year, with Weatherly, Perrette and Murray all in various stages of new negotiations. All ultimately re-signed then, of course, and are expected to again.

The rest of the cast, including leading man and executive producer Mark Harmon, is already under contract through the conclusion of NCIS Season 10, which was recently announced by CBS.

The Scottish-born McCallum, 78, has been a TV institution for decades, most notably in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Sapphire & Steel, and now our beloved Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard on NCIS.

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Love the show and love what Jamie Lee
Curtis brings! Hope they keep her .


Get rid of Jamie Lee Curtis. She is a terrible actress. Not for Gibbs or this show.


Dave, that was when Jenny died


Wish they'd bring back Jeanne Benoit.. as Tonys love interest. Maybe to take over the business her father left...


Love having Ducky in my present as he was in my past on "the Man from U.N.C.L.E." - another favorite show. Disagree about Jamie Lee; not my favorite actress but think she provides a balance - not as smooth as Jennie but has the same 'steely stare' as Gibbs and the same appearance of 'upfrontness'...... let's give them a chance to determine if they can make it in an equal kind of way. Gibbs does not always have to dominate to be the stronger.....


What an absolutely brilliant show, the cast are impeccable in their own characters and, gel together as a very perfect team with an entertainment value far exceeding that required - WOW. Well done everyone and 'dinna give it up laddie.' You're all perfect. my very Best wishes to one and all.




jamie lee brings nothing to an already great show whose characters are Mark Harmons sucess and keeps my interest as a fan. Curtis has a famous name But??? it is not for this show.Mark keep your team together love you and your writers story abilities.You and David are priceless.


I so agree with all of you who say Jamie Lee Curtis needs to go. Can't stand her or her character. Please don't hook Gibbs up with her. I had always hoped he'd end up with Jenny Shepard. So glad Ducky is coming back. I didn't see the episode where Ducky fell into the sand but sure he comes back for real and not as a ghost!


I haven't gotton over losing Mike Franks,happy to know Ducky will be back.I have had just about as much of Jammie Lee Curtis as I can take,please write her out and give Gibbs the red head that used to pick him up after work when the show first started.No one knew who she was but she sure put a big smile on Gibbs face as they would be pulling off.

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