Castle Season Finale Review: All I Want Is You

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Wow. That pretty much sums up the Season Four finale of Castle. Fans were promised a great hour, and the series absolutely delivered. Now that I have caught my breath, let’s discuss “Always."

There were tears, smiles and one very hot and heavy hookup.

Car Investigation

Time To Move On. Alexis graduated high school and delivered a truly beautiful Valedictorian speech. She provided some insight on how, although she is excited to move forward, she is scared to move on. Truer words were never said for how Castle was feeling at the moment. 

Twisted Ties. So a homicide that Beckett was assigned to gave her the lead she had been waiting on for a year. After the late Captain Montgomery’s house was broken into, things just didn’t seem right. Files were stolen on his cases and you had to know it was related to the Beckett girls. 

Castle pleaded with Beckett to back off of the case and finally admitted to her that he has had information about it and she needed to stay away... or she would be killed. This also led to one of the best Castle quotes of all time.

Every morning I bring you a cup of coffee, just so I can see a smile on your face. Because I think you are the most remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating, person I've ever met. And I love you Kate, and if that means anything to you, if you care about me at all, just don't do this. | permalink
Coffee Talking

Of course Beckett was pissed that Castle had kept this from her. How could she not be? Her driving force for years has been to find her mother’s killer. The past year she has been focused on finding her shooter. She goes to work every day putting herself in harm's way, wondering who tried to kill her. She was bound to be angry.

This led to Castle dropping out of the case. Kate and Javi decided to move forward, with Ryan unsure of why they are keeping Gates out of it. Up until this moment in the hour, I had been thinking to myself: what is the point of Gates? We were introduced to this tough Captain after we lost Roy. But her role is so minor. She hardly makes appearances, unlike Montgomery who played an active role in pretty much every episode. 

Information led Beckett and Espo to a hotel room where they were attacked by Cole Maddox, a link in their case. After an amazing fight scene, he was gone. That is, until he showed up at the infamous “Mr. Smith’s” place to demand the files so he can put “Kate Beckett in the ground for good.” Looks like we have someone new to focus on next season, as well as putting a face to the voice of Mr. Smith.

You have to love how hardcore Esposito is. He was having Beckett’s back, no matter the cost. And it cost him. Gates laid the smack down and put both detectives on leave. It doesn’t make too much of a difference to Beckett, who decided to resign instead. Javi is now pissed at Ryan for going to Gates. Could our favorite bromance be over?

The Moment Caskett Fans Have Been Waiting For. The episode could have been titled “Finally” for several reasons. We finally put a face to Mr. Smith, moved higher up the chain of who is after Beckett, Alexis graduated - and Beckett made her move towards Castle.

There were two moments early in the episode that made me excited:

  1. Kate held Castle’s hand and agreed to have a movie night with him. To me, that was enough because that was all I expected to get. Little did I know, things were about to finally move forward.
  2. After four seasons, Beckett gave into her feelings and went to Castle. Looking insanely hot and drenched from the rain, Beckett made her move. The knock on the door was enough to get the heart beating. What came next? Even more hot than Kate in her rain-soaked clothes. The two finally hooked up! 

So Castle fans, what did you think of the much anticipated event? Was it everything you wanted and more? The smiles on their faces said it all. It must be noted the great skills that were displayed tonight. Nathan Fillion, one who is known for being able to act with just a look, put out so much emotion. It was impressive. What else was impressive? Stana Katic’s fight scene on the roof. Seriously, kudos to both actors for bringing it in the finale.

A Priest on Castle

Things To Think About:

  • Who is Cole Maddox? How big of a role will he play next season?
  • Will Kate go back to the precinct or is her resignation for good?
  • Can Javi and Ryan make up?
  • Will Mr. Smith come forward to help Kate?
  • Alexis is heading to college, will we see more or less of her?
  • And the big question - what will happen next for Kate Beckett and Rick Castle? Is a relationship in their future?
  • Just a minute of Lanie once again.
  • How much do you miss Captain Montgomery?
Castle Season 4 Finale Scene
So TV Fanatics, Season Four of Castle has ended. It was a solid years, with a few ups and downs, but an enjoyable ride all the way through. We have all summer to think about the Caskett hook up and our new villain, Cole Maddox.

September will be here before we know it. See you back here, same time, same place, in the fall. 


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I loved this finale. Four years of watching these characters grow, the ebb and flow of their relationship. Kudos to the writers, they did an amazing job with this episode, especially the last several scenes. From the moment Castle opened the door and Beckett finally makes the first move "What you want, Kate"..."You", and the apology, and you can see he's just holding his breath, until she says, "I almost died and all I could about was you." And the camera pans to his face, half in shadow and lightning flashes in the background and he moves into her. Couldn't have ended better, with them holding hands, clearly heading to the bedroom. LOVED IT...great writing...amazing acting. Can 't wait for next season


Before I begin, let me say how disheartening to learn that superficiality is alive and well. Nathan Fillion's gained a couple LBs? WHO GIVES A @(#\? For the "true" fans: whether or not you liked the Caskett hookup, I hope you're as impatient for Season 5 as I am. Most of the posters here -- including those who aren't happy with elements of the season finale -- are invested in these characters and their stories. THAT'S what important. I was going to leave the show if they didn't hook, I'm "all in" for the fall premiere. Marlowe & Co. have handled the storytelling quite deftly, and these actors are amazing -- especially the leads. I even like the Gates character. Overall...WELL DONE!


Fantastic season final! I loved the surprises involved, with Castle telling Kate how he loved her, and her being mad, and torn, and finally realizing someone out there is there for her and cares/loves her, which he pleaded her not to follow this crime, _and_she found out how much she wished for Castle on the roof! Somebody below mentioned they were disapointed about Ryan telling Gates about Espo and Beckett, but if not for him, she would be splattered on the street... and Castle was at Alexis' graduation. Does anyone hear PI firm starting up, with Kate, Espo, and Castle doing investigating for hire? Now he doens't need an honorary badge either! Super way to start out the fall, with new career paths, and fact that the duo love each other! They are super on the screen.


I agree with Ash. When Castle and Kate FINALLY got together it is so hot I had to throw ice water on the TV! And they proved that less is more. The look on Nathan’s face said it all ... the yearning, the love, OMG, the emotion was smokin’.The kisses were hungry, but not gross. Sooo good. I hope they keep the relationship going and they simply bicker like the slightly dysfunctional couple that they are! I love them together. And, finally, Kate looked vulnerable, the one trait we haven’t gotten to see. Yes, I noticed that she reached out to Castle on the ledge. Gave me goosies (as JLo says!). Very satisfying episode. Now if only I can make it to fall without serious withdrawal symptoms!


@Georgia Whoa! Good catch, that's definitely the same guy! Maybe he was just keeping track of her? That is nuts! Awesome finale!


Also, they said it's not dream. I've read a bunch of AM interviews today that states that was real.


@joyeful I agree! FYI, Nathan was on Jimmy Falon on Friday night and he looked like he's already lost some weight, he looked great! Plus he was hilarious as usual:)


The show last night was WOW!!! It was great. all I wish is that those people that complain about the writing should go watch the stupid reality shows because obviously you have idea of what entertainment really is. You probably couldn't write any better. I came into this show at the beginning of this season and had to go back and buy the previous three seasons. It is an awesome show and keep it up. I love Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. They are a great duo and had me coming back the pilot episode of season 1. I hope Espo and Ryan can work out their problems, they are great together.


Bravo, Bravo, Ringraziarla molto! A well done ending with the perfect cliff hunger. The battle to save Kate is just beginning, and there are more complicated characters coming our way to interact with these two, for one Castle' father, and possibly a brother. There interpersonal relationships that are being reshaped also - Alexi, Martha, and Kate' father. Things are about to get really interesting, including what's next for Kate.


Kyra you are NUTS!!! If you don't watch the show don't make comments. This episode was fantastic!! I am so glad they finally got together. I don't like it when they drag it out forever. Now they have to see where they are in their life and what they can do next. The old problem of her mother's death is heating up again and they will have to deal with that. Fillion looks just great to me.

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