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Great Season ending ===the best show ever!! Wow Can't wait for the Fall!!!


Kate held Castle’s hand and agreed to have a movie night with him.

I thought that was sexier than the makeout scene.

Will Kate go back to the precinct or is her resignation for good?

It can't be for good. She'll be back. Also, the captain's reaction was over the top, and so was Beckett's. Her resignation did not ring true.

Will Mr. Smith come forward to help Kate?

You mean the late Mr. Smith? He doesn't survive the Cole Maddox visit.

Is a relationship in their future?

Of course. The real question is whether it can last beyond the end of next season ... assuming that the show does, which it probably will.


Did anyone notice Castle only dragged the file into the recycle bin, and didn't click "empty" recycle bin?... Let's hope he didn't set it to dump automatically.
Perhaps after breakfast, he can start planning a new day with Kate? Change the locks Richard- You don't need your mom walking in on something!!!


Wow, Great episode. Loved the part where Castle says,"4 years, I've been right here, hoping you'd open your eyes!" I bring you coffee just to see you smile...
Nicely done..acted on both lead actors!!! I hope that they continue where this ends, with Castle offering Kate a partnership and start their own private investigating service, maybe after going after Mr. Smith, or Castle's dad. Interesting leads. CIA, FBI, Castle selling books, and funding the firm? Hmmm? It could be interesting.
Cancel the series? I Don't beleive it for a second. ABC has renewed them, their following is gaining, and ABC has syndication rights sold already. Stana is just coming into bloom, and Nathan recieved
12 Viewers Choice Award for Actor, and the series outshined the other shows for Fav TV Crime Drama. Let's hear it for a Fun Fifth year, and more of Javi,Lanie, and Ryan. They could even bring back Slaughter for help, hunting down Cole Maddux, and I wouldn't mind! Heck, couldn't anyone just see Castle doing a book signing in London,taking Kate away to relax, and dropping in on Scotland yard?


@ kelly arden Martha is off to the Hamptons, and Alexis's sleepover is lasting until at least noon. They won't be there for breakfast, which I imagine will be pancakes and bacon, again. (Like after the fire, and when he stayed at her apartment guarding her ...)


Great!! Finally!! I immediately thought ahead to breakfast the next morning and the positive reactions mom and daughter would shine on the happy couple. Also thought ahead to Castle and Beckett getting far away as fast as possible. Castle has plenty of money so Europe sounds nice, Canada also, just being together so the poor girl can rest.
So, in my mind, they are off having a wonderful time. That thought should hold me until the Fall.


TOO LITTLE TOO LATE! And I'm apparently the only one who thinks so. Last week's zombie episode was great, although I wanted a Castle/Beckett move already. This week, they teased us so that we knew something would happen, and then they made us wait until 3 or 4 minutes before the end to finally do it. The earlier hand-holding was sweet, but in the final love scene--due to the lighting and camera angles--you could barely even see them. I found it frustrating and disappointing, and except for the last moment of mentioning they still wanted Kate dead, the love scene and her quitting neatly tied everything up so they could end the series if they wanted to. It was a big letdown.


Finally great ending love this show


Perfect, just perfect.


fine ending to a season that imo has belonged to stana katic, at first nothing more than a foil for nathan she has come into her own this season with ep 6 being imo the highlight.

nice to see the writers admit that the reasons to keep them apart were becoming repetitive and having the guts to change the playing field for season 5.

i'm happy to keep gates who i think will be more central in season 5. she looked shocked at the resignation, i wonder if there was a connection to her a montgomery hidden away.

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