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Tom Selleck's believable portrayal of Frank Reagan is the glue that holds this drama together. Every episode he shows us how to be a father, grandfather, son, and boss. An excellent finale....loved the tribute to Mothers at the Sunday family dinner.


To be honest, I wanted to slap Danny silly - he's still treating Jamie as his kid brother. As Jamie rightfully pointed out, he's been on the job for two years now! He's not a rookie anymore, nor is he a child, and Danny treating Jamie in that manner would be incredibly frustrating for Jamie. Being the third of five siblings, I kinda know how it feels.

But one thing I absolutely love about Blue Bloods is that the Reagans are unapologetically religious. The episode ends with a prayer asking God's blessing upon mothers, in fact. These characters aren't embarrassed to attend Mass, they don't act as if it's a waste of time or an onerous duty foisted upon them. And they aren't over the top in the other direction, either, devolving into a parody of religious devotion. So I am thrilled that there is a show on TV that portrays religion, particularly Catholicism, is such a positive light. Such shows are few and far between.

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