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In what might be the most somber American Idol intro to date, producers reminded us that one of these contestants will be returning home for good-ish, while the two who remain will battle for the Idol crown next week. There's still the summer tour, of course, which I suppose is a consolation for whomever doesn't win.

Tonight we'll get performances from Lisa Marie Presley (I'm as confused as you are) and Adam Lambert. And, of course, we'll hear from Jimmy.

American Idol Top 3

The trio opens the night with "Got To Get You Into My Life." I think there are some Beatles rolling over in graves. This is not a good song for any of them,  but especially not Jessica. And Phillip. And, okay, Joshua, too. The Beatles weren't meant to be growled.

Joshua Ledet takes center stage. Jimmy said Joshua had a good night, but not his best night. For him, the judges were over-generous with their praise of Joshua's first number. He called Joshua the competition's most exciting showman but thought "Imagine" was overdone. He wasn't wowed with Joshua's performance of "No More Drama" but accepts responsibility since he picked the song. I loved Joshua's third number, but agree with Jimmy on the first two.

Lisa Marie Presley didn't even look good. That's about all I have to say about that.

Jessica Sanchez is up next. Jimmy didn't think "My All" came together for Jessica and disagreed with Steven--he didn't think it was enough to win the competition. He didn't seem to like her second number either. Jimmy thinks Jessica is talented enough to perform at the Grammys but realized that perhaps he didn't do her any favors in choosing "I'll Be There" since two people sang that song originally. While I think Jessica is talented, she really lacks direction and originality.

Performing "Never Close Our Eyes," Adam Lambert is back on the Idol stage. This has a distinctly late 70s vibe to it. Maybe it's the neon clothes. Or the lighting. This isn't my favorite song of his, but I'm sure it'll be a hit. I always thought he should've won over Kris Allen.

Phillip Phillips hits the stage to hear his critique. Jimmy thought he did a great job on "Beggin" and said that Phillip's sound is becoming more and more original. He agreed with the judges that "Disease" was a bad choice, but said he admires Phillip's willingness to go down in flames to make the choices he wants to make. The song choice Jimmy didn't get wrong? Bob Seger's "We've Got Tonight." He called it flawless and emotional. Y'all know my thoughts on last night. I love Phillip, but I thought his first number was better than his last.

Kieran dims the lights for the second to last time. The first person through: Jessica Sanchez. Joining her in the Top Two: Phillip Phillips.

It's goodbye for now to Joshua Ledet.

I had a feeling this would happen as I watched last night. Joshua grew on me as the season progressed, especially with the clips and interviews. I'm actually kind of sad to see him go. I was pulling for a Joshua-Phillip match-up in the finale.

Are you excited by a Phillip-Jessica throwdown next week?


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Why isn't Phillip in any of the Ford videos?


Yes, I know Phil's gonna win. But here's hoping I'm wrong on this one... It's been a while since we have a female actually worthy of winning American Idol. I think Lauren from last year didn't have that, so I'm not surprised to see Scotty eventually win it. But Jessica, she's just too good to not win. And if we really look back, American Idol used to be a singing competition - so basically the title should go to the best singer. But that format's long been lost, since the advent of the hot guys who sing cute. Argh!


I agree with "cwalt" the judges seemed to be choosing Joshua from the onset. I spoke up about it online. If you cannot give all the attention they deserve, then sit yo arse down and clap. I felt all along that Joshua and Jessica only shouted, more than they sang. Phillip may change up a "melody" but how refreshing was that? I don't want to hear a rendition of a song that sounds just like the original, I agree with Simon Cowell on that.So, I am pleased with the results from last nite.


For you people the are disappointed about joshua being voted off, ask your self this, he never sang a song that wasn't gospel, church and usually had at least 6-8 back up singers. bottom line I think he can sing well but only for what's listed above he's got NOTHING else and his sound is from a time that's gone and will never be back. he has no where to go ask yourselves what would his album sound like. he can't be marketed. something I found just so crazy and sad is this year the show was about race with the judges? Does a black person have to win this year because its been some time since a person of color has won? I've never seen anything so one sided the judges stood up and clapped for the last 6+ weeks for almost every song some justified but so many very clearly not at all. Never stood up for hardly anyone else it's a joke. Again, as I said he is a bad ass but only at the church gospel thing that he can perform with a little outdated R&B so, he needed to go. It appeared as if the judges were trying to cheat a fare vote by making this guy sound so much better than he was, seriously he has no career. Im just glad that people saw through the judges BS they made it so one sided come on standing up everytime saying that you have to vote for Josh he's the next AI. This is most likely why he's gone because he did perform better than Jessica. But if you go back and honestly review the judges actions even when Joshua sounded terrible sometimes, standing ovations everytime. Well they got their plate handed to them which at least shows that the program is not rigged and the votes were counted according to the best performances this week and not race. I think I gave this guy a fare chance and would have liked to here him sing something to date, original and not cry during every song.


Congratulations to the finalists, however I feel that it would have been a real treat for Joshua and Jessica to battle it out, as they are the ones with the talent. Phillip is easy to listen to but Joshua is in a class of his own. Being in my sixtees I feel he brings back the sound of the greats.Joshua you are the idol in my books, but your composure and dignity in accepting the results make you even better. Cheers and good luck for the future from Carmen in Queensland Australia


Jessica Sanchez to win the American idol finale. Lets vote for Jessica till the end of the show.Go Go GO Jessica.


look guys i am not am American i live in Africa but i watch American idol for the star till now and i think Joshua is the best and he is going to win this time around. so please leave Joshua out of your gossip.


Phillip is good singer but he's not unique. AI had Lee D., Chris A., David C. all being WMWGAHV ( white man with a guitar and a husky voice! ).


Phillip all then way!!! very UNIQUE! can sing, can play the guitar, good looking, with stage presence!!! complete package!!! that's what an idol's supposed to be... yes, Jessica can sing, yet very flat and very boring... Joshua can definitely sing too, but there's too much drama!!! and the screams, both Josh and Jessica should have not done that always, not pleasant to the ears...


I was shocked to see Joshua go because I thought a lot of people really liked him. In my view, however, it's tiring to listen to him scream his way into every performance.
I shuddered while watching him sing "I'd Rather Go Blind". Jessica covered that two years ago and it's up on YouTube. Let's just say her rendition was so so so much better than Joshua's.
I agree, I do think she lacks personality and she's too young but you can't deny that she has an amazing voice. Whether she wins or not, I'm confident that she will be successful in the future what with all the major artists itching to sign her.
As for Philipp, I understand how he made it to the top 2. It's because of his originality and his unique sense of style that got him into the semi-finals.
I don't care now who wins AI, because I love the two left. I'd buy both of their CDs when it comes out. :)

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