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In what might be the most somber American Idol intro to date, producers reminded us that one of these contestants will be returning home for good-ish, while the two who remain will battle for the Idol crown next week. There's still the summer tour, of course, which I suppose is a consolation for whomever doesn't win.

Tonight we'll get performances from Lisa Marie Presley (I'm as confused as you are) and Adam Lambert. And, of course, we'll hear from Jimmy.

American Idol Top 3

The trio opens the night with "Got To Get You Into My Life." I think there are some Beatles rolling over in graves. This is not a good song for any of them,  but especially not Jessica. And Phillip. And, okay, Joshua, too. The Beatles weren't meant to be growled.

Joshua Ledet takes center stage. Jimmy said Joshua had a good night, but not his best night. For him, the judges were over-generous with their praise of Joshua's first number. He called Joshua the competition's most exciting showman but thought "Imagine" was overdone. He wasn't wowed with Joshua's performance of "No More Drama" but accepts responsibility since he picked the song. I loved Joshua's third number, but agree with Jimmy on the first two.

Lisa Marie Presley didn't even look good. That's about all I have to say about that.

Jessica Sanchez is up next. Jimmy didn't think "My All" came together for Jessica and disagreed with Steven--he didn't think it was enough to win the competition. He didn't seem to like her second number either. Jimmy thinks Jessica is talented enough to perform at the Grammys but realized that perhaps he didn't do her any favors in choosing "I'll Be There" since two people sang that song originally. While I think Jessica is talented, she really lacks direction and originality.

Performing "Never Close Our Eyes," Adam Lambert is back on the Idol stage. This has a distinctly late 70s vibe to it. Maybe it's the neon clothes. Or the lighting. This isn't my favorite song of his, but I'm sure it'll be a hit. I always thought he should've won over Kris Allen.

Phillip Phillips hits the stage to hear his critique. Jimmy thought he did a great job on "Beggin" and said that Phillip's sound is becoming more and more original. He agreed with the judges that "Disease" was a bad choice, but said he admires Phillip's willingness to go down in flames to make the choices he wants to make. The song choice Jimmy didn't get wrong? Bob Seger's "We've Got Tonight." He called it flawless and emotional. Y'all know my thoughts on last night. I love Phillip, but I thought his first number was better than his last.

Kieran dims the lights for the second to last time. The first person through: Jessica Sanchez. Joining her in the Top Two: Phillip Phillips.

It's goodbye for now to Joshua Ledet.

I had a feeling this would happen as I watched last night. Joshua grew on me as the season progressed, especially with the clips and interviews. I'm actually kind of sad to see him go. I was pulling for a Joshua-Phillip match-up in the finale.

Are you excited by a Phillip-Jessica throwdown next week?


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To Janie Juser, I just hpoe you are really a gorgeous beyond belief woman because if I have to guess your personality based on your shameful out of line comments you are one ugly , evil spirited creature reeked with odor that comes from all the feces of human and animals. Why on earth you would comment about Jessica's teeth when we are talking about singing competition. My guess is you can not criticize her singing that is credible.


You can have Jessica, BORING!!!!!!, too bad about Joshua, love PP, mostly 'cause the judges don't & he sticks to who he is!!!!


Joshua deserved to be in the finale with Philip. I'm sad he left but I think it's a good thing, he won't be tied to the AI machine and he can carve out a career for himself. Right now I don't care who wins but if I must choose i would prefer Philip to win just because I believe Jessica still has some growing up to do. There's something that puts me off pageant stiff way of singing. Somehow I think she will win it all for two reasons (1) It's time a woman (girl) won (2) The filipino's are treating it like the second coming (including their President).


Continued: I would like to have seen all three of them sing the same song. They could have done a recorded version. Joshua's back ground is gospel, i rarely go to church, but when has it ever been wrong to do so. He was not screaming. He was hitting notes. Something Phillips can't do. Phillips was straining just to hold a note on his last song. America go it Wrong and Idol is rigged. No more Idol for me. Tired of it all.


Joshua could flat out sing. He put pashion and sould into his music and performances. You made a point, Joshua is not marketable if possibly compared to Phillips because of his stle of music and demographics. Phillips songs did not have any type of techinical difficulty. Although I like him and he performances were relaxed, he cannot hold at note and the way he rounded notes were predictable and evident he cannot sing. He talked his songs. His voice has good tone, but that's it. They made Phillips seems has if he was in the bottom two, when he might have been in the top two last week. They did the same thing last night. They potrayed Jessica as she was ahead on votes, but honestly Phillips could have been. I did not think the true winner would win because demographics plays and important role. Joshua left it out there every time and all of his performance were nice. Phillips is mediocre and you can find people all over the south and other select parts of the country doing the same style. Joshua is a one of a kind. Phillips plays with the song because he cannot sing. He cannot hold the melody. That's my last time watching Idol. I hope Jessica wins. Although she uses her bravado to much and too loosly sometimes, I think her voice and her ability to be a powerhouse considering her age has so much potential. Don't get me wrong. I like Phillips and he could have won a few other Idols considering the winners in the past. Joshua is the best contestant on Idol ever. I'm glad Lambert performed because he was screwed the same way. Thank God Fantasia was able to pull it out. Im very dissapointed. As fans of the show we have been dooped. I read everywhere, Joshua goes to church. I attend church maybe 5 times a year. When has it ever been wrong to go to church. You all are confusing it with pashion. He was brought up in a churc and so it reflects. He can sing everything Phillips and Jessica can and do it better. That would be nice to see them all sing the same song.


i think philip philips is just like david cook...and kris allen...and lee dwyze. pretty boy semi-rocker dudes with a guitar. and where are they now? we have too many guys like philip already. as for jessica, i think she can be a true diva. and she can also be a fashion icon and trendsetter.


Jessica sounded awful on Wednesday who said artist want to sign her ?? Honestly most artist hate American idol cause they think these guys are over privileged when they had to work so hard to get to where they are today in other word these guys haven't paid there dues. And the judges gave standing o's to Joshua cause he's good u guys not remember Jessica was already voted off ? Then the judges got up there and said she is onE of the best singers in the world ? Lol really? haha the most successful at to come out of ai in last 5 years is Adam Lambert and u saw just how great he was last night right? Everyone else is pretty much no where or soon to be dropped for there labels . We just can't pick em let the music business do there jobs and find talent on there own cancel shows like this it creates a bad image for music


Jessica will win because not just Americans are voting. Mexicans and Phillipinos around the world are voting also with Magic Jack and computers.


PLEASE I mean really....please get rid of Jessica at the finale...I cannot stand to look at those teeth hanging out when she sings!!!!! GO PHILLIP PHILLIPS!!!!!!


Well what father welcomes his son home with a gun attached to his pants Think Phillip Phillips .Such a shame America that the real Singer has been eliminated.I guess gun culture is really alive and well spirituality (Joshua ) vs (redneck) guns America no wonder Joshua felt relieved to be leaving who wants to be aligned with that energy shame on you Phillip Phillips Snr even Ryan Seacrest pointed it out .Time to vote Joshua back in .

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