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P2????Are you kiddin' me?It's JESSICA ALL OVER THE WORLD..PEOPLE VOTE FOR JESSICA for the win...






Consider it done Jessica won first week albums sales over 1 million copies. Jessica is an awesome Chinese American who has won are hearts.


Joshua's version of Imagine was a disaster. That scared cow of a song should not be done unless you understand the song's message. Joshua over sang the song, which he does to all songs, but, the simplicity and purity of the song's message was buried under Josh's overly dramatic performance. It is almost criminal what he did to that song.


Get over it if your favorite idol contestant did not make the finale. Both Jessica and Philip are in the finale simply because more fans voted for them . Although winning AI is one big achievement and a stepping stone for a future music career we all know by now that post idol it does not guarantee the winner a successful music career. If you truly believe in the talent of your endeared idol contestant continue to support him/her post idol. That is where your genuine support will truly matter.


@ Robert D, don't they all impersonate? don't they all sing songs not theirs? they are all copy cats, not only jessica, not only joshua not only philip but the rest of AI singers. Couldn't be helped! IT IS WHAT IT IS


As much as I didn't want it to happen, I knew Joshua was next to go. He will have more success than all of the other contestants put together--I hope producers don't "Usher" him up and put him in videos with half-naked girls--if there was still a Motown, he would be the next Motown Icon--he is amazing. Jessica and Philip are, in my opinion, one trick ponies--as a matter of fact they bore me. I won't be watching next week--the show will be a yawner. I agree. I can picture Jessica in front of her mirror with a hair brush, mimicing Whitney, etal--and she is too young to be in the show. Phil will win--all of the teenage girls will vote for him.


You know I've just set here and read ALL these comments.

All of you hollering "I'm not watching AI anymore" doubt you'll watch the finale next week.........

I do think Jessica should have went home. And the main reason is she is just too young. I don't feel 16 year olds should be on the show and subjected to that kind of pressure. She can sing yes, but to me it's just imitations of the originals and she needs more time to grown.

Joshua can sing as well and I feel that he's going to be fine. He needs to prove that he can move away from gospel (in other words, BE MORE VERSITLE) and the 10 backup singers and the screaming.

I am still pulling for Phillip to win it. It is of no consequence to me that a girl hasn't won in several years.


At least the top 2 aren't two dudes like 3 years ago...

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