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Avatar are in the HUGE minority if you think that Jessica is awful. You must know more than all the recording artists that want to record duets with Jessica, or the studio pros that desparately want to signed her, or the millions of fans around the world (she has more fans in Asia than in America), or the millions of YouTube fans that have pumped up the viewing lists into the millions, when some of the other "much better" contestants are only in the tens or hundreds of thousands. are the true expert. What were we all thinking?


All Joshua(Mantasia) has proved is that he can scream and wail as good as Fantasia. Waiting to hear him sing Collar Greens and Cornbread lol. And Jessica don't even know who she is, what a Beyonce wanna be lol. We all know she ain't no Tina Turner that's for sure.


Phillip should have been eliminated. He's maxed out on what he can do and now it's boring to listen to him. The 12 year old girls are keeping him in. Go figure! Jessica and Joshua should be in the finale with Jessica as the winner. I hope those that understand talent will get those votes out for Jessica and Joshua.


I think Jessica should have went home and that it was a terrible decision to send Skyler home. It just makes me sick. Jessica is awful


Phillip may be original but he just cannot sing a note.


Sorry Skylar fans. Somebody had to go and I think that Skylar was a little "too country" (like 24/7 hardcore country). A couple of non-twangy songs here and there would have propelled her to the top.

Phillip fans need to take their TVs off of "mute". Are you kidding me? We lost Colton, Elise AND Skylar to Phillip?????? That is a travesty.


Philip is the best!!most original and talented artist on stage and will sell most records or bring in crowds to concerts.keep voting philip fans we almost there at the finish line.Lounge singer jessica 2 go next- keep hollie in!


I was disappointed that Skylar was eliminated....

@Connie.......If you watched the XFACTOR then you remember that Melanie Amaro was brought back because Simon thought he'd made a mistake(As was done this year on Idol with Jermaine-and look what happened there).......AND she was brought back before the competition really started......

I really can't comment on this weeks performances because I missed Wed. night.....

I will say Hollie has improved SOME..........but still not enough to win this competition.......I still say she's getting by on sympathy votes.
Jessica is over confident and that may end up costing her depending on her song choices in the coming weeks......
Joshua screams too much.........
I like Phillip!

Will 2 be going home next week since the save was used?????


Up until now I rated Joshua & Jessica as pretty much equal but now feel Jessica is most probably number one, after listening to her singing "You are so beautiful" her sensational ability to toy with the notes, low middle & name it she can do it effortlessly....Oh my god can you just imagine what she might be in years to come?


Jessica deserves to win because the judges know best when they saved her . Like Randy says even some singers with 50 years of experience can't do what she did. To win she really needs to pick the right songs .

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