Who Will Play Lisbon's Ex on The Mentalist?

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On the season finale of The Mentalist, Patrick Jane will meet a new love interest.

On the May 3 episode of this CBS hit, meanwhile, Teresa Lisbon will come across a former flame: TV Guide reports that Kenny Johnson (The Shield, Sons of Anarchy) will guest star as Greg Taybeck, Lisbon's high school squeeze who gets involved in an investigation.


"She ran away [from that relationship] to find a different life," Executive Producer Bruno Heller tells the site. "So, she stops and has to reassess her life and look at the paths not taken. Her boyfriend has kids, and she doesn't. So, how does she feel about that?"

Heller adds that the episode will center around the "joys and regrets" of realizing where one is in life.

The Mentalist returns with a new installment on April 26.


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So looking forward to seeing @thekennyjohnson in tomorrow's episode. Don't anybody bother me. He rocks every role he plays. Great guy too. Loves his fans. Way to go KennyJ. Much love. xoxoxo


@rationalgal- It would be a mistake to make Jane and Lisbon actually get together before the end of the show. They are part of the same team, so the issue would have to be adressed again and again- and it IS a procedural after all, not a family drama, and that's a part of what I love about the show. I don't want to watch a soap! But given the popularity of the Jane/Lisbon angle, it is still possible to play with it a little from time to time. The most reasonal shippers aren't really asking for more, I guess.


I just watched the DVD of the Mentalist cast being interviewed at the Paley Center. Re love interests, they made it VERY clear that Patrick Jane and Lisbon were not going to get together romantically - maybe at the end of the series but not before. They think that would end the show's popularity because, as they said, the chase is more exciting. Jane will probably have some temporary romantic alliance but given the nature of his quest for revenge before anything else, it probably will just be a brief escape from his emotional trauma and then he will get back on his revenge track. Maybe his upcoming love interest will be there just for Red John to kill and further drive Jane bonkers. Simon Baker wants very much to have his character "go different ways" to make the series last longer. This will do it.


Hey I can't wait for the new episode I still love this show do much. Can't wait tidings out who is Patrick's love interest super excited


Kenny also played det. Rush's boyfriend in Cold Case. He's handsome btw.


It looks like there is going to be some serious evolving with the season finale the end of May. Patrick Jane with a LOVE INTEREST??!! That is a major turn of events after - what - 9 years of celibacy? And with a mental breakdown on top of it? And then shooting someone (apparently) from among the CBI employees? (I doubt it will be any of the main characters.) PJ is really going off the rails from being out-manipulated by Red John over and over. I expect that Bruno Heller intends to leave us in suspenseful agony over the summer with this finale.


hey folks
don't you all find that Patrick Jane should be renamed Patrick Lame?
his character has not evolved since the show began. his voice drones on to deliver the most inane lines. I used to enjoy watching the show but Patrick Jane has become just too boring to care.
and yet Simon Baker is a good actor. Somebody please do something.


I hope they at least give us a rerun so occasional viewers can catch on to what a great series this is. As for Lisbon, it looks like the show is going to do a major dramatic runup during May to the very dramatic finale so viewrers are primed for the September startup of Season 5. It's all about ratings and series longevity. That's a bit hard on those of us who see this series for the creative, sophisticated drama that it is. We have to put up with the fillers in what would otherwise be an all-time award-winning mini series.

Sue ann

He also did three years on Saving Grace, and he was brilliant. I did not see The Shield or The Sons of Anarchy, but I am looking forward to seeing him on this show.

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