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It was another action packed night on The Voice, as the results were handed out and four more singers were sent home. There were some contestants digging down deep to put on the performance of their lives.

There was also time for a quick performance by Jessie J with Team Xtina. Didn't they see that there was no point in brining the team on with the guest performer last week? They didn't do anything up there.

The only other negative from the night was the return of the awkward Sprint Lounge. At least this time Adam Levine mentioned how terrible it was, and hopefully they make some changes. I don't know what those changes need to be, but something needs to happen soon.

Now let's get to the results...

The Voice Bottom 3


Safe: Mathai, Tony Lucca, Pip
I couldn't agree more with America on these choices, but what about the contestants in danger of leaving?

Kim Yarbrough - "Spotlight"
She wasn't nearly as sharp as last night, but Kim still hit a couple of bum notes, and I don't think this was memorable enough to keep her around.

Karla Davis - "I Can't Make You Love Me"
She sounded a bit off as well, and it seemed like she was really out of breath at times.  This was much, much better than last night's disaster though.

Katrina Parker - "Don't Speak"
She was really good before the song picked up tempo, after that, it was just pretty good.  Over the course of the two nights, she was definitely the best of the three, so I would pick her.

Blake said he would take Katrina. Xtina said Katrina. Cee Lo went with Katrina as well. When it counted, Adam decided on saving Katrina. Four-for-four.


Safe: Juliet Simms, Jamar Rogers, James Massone
These were my top three again.  Man America is on point this week, but which of the other contestants did Cee Lo decide to keep around?  

Tony Vincent - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
This was better than his performance last night, but I can't help but think he just wasn't meant for a competition like this.  The crazy act can work in popular music, but I just don't think it translates to The Voice.

Cheesa - "All By Myself"
I thought this was a very nice take on a classic. She added a little growl to the chorus, and hit that one note near but not at the end for a very, very long time. I would probably pick Cheesa if I had to make this decision.

Erin Martin - "Your Song"
I just don't think I get it. Quirky is one thing, but she was just adding way too many new syllables to words with this.  She was completely changing the song, and was a bit off key for most of it.

Adam said he would save Cheesa. Blake said Cheesa as well. Xtina goes with Cheesa, and finally Cee Lo decided to save Cheesa. While I don't think she did anything to talk about on Monday, Cheesa was definitely the best of the three in danger of leaving.

What about you, TV Fanatics? What did you think of this week's The Voice Results? Let us know which coach's team is in the best shape in the comments, and then tell us which elimination has you the most upset in the poll below...


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