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I'm not watching this show w/e Damon!
and I'm not watching Damons show with out Ellena!


That was a realy good one!
You totally Had me! I was like- wait- no- really? -no-No- oh no-julie pled has so lost it- you've got to be kidding me-oh. You are. OH.
LOL. Hahahaha. Very funny. Almost convincing. I was bemused out of my mind and quite irritated either. Plus Damon does not look happy with the ideain the pic either.
Still cute effort.
And hope you guys had a great April fools day ;p


Damon Has Been A Bad Bad Boy, I Just Dont Know What To Say Right Know But I Am Good And I Stop Freaking Out. So I Still Love You Damon Lol!


omg i was so angry for like 2 seconds lol great prank!



im actually so HAPPY i would of hated a spin off, i cant watch damon on two shows at once, it would seem so weird to me, even if the show has the same style, i would love a spin off, but only when TVD is over!


DAMN. That would've been an AWESOME idea. It'll be much more interesting than the current indecisive, fickle Elena killing the budding romance in Delena. Elena, admit you have feelings for him already! I'm bored, really. LOL Damon and Alaric's bromance is more entertaining!


I was like wtf really -_____________- but that was funny I liked that joke. It didnt get me as upset as the previous April Fools Day joke where you said Ian Somerhalder was leaving the vampire diaries LoL


Phew...until I remembered yesterday was April Fool's Day, I got really annoyed with Julie Plec! LOL! Good one!


I'm like crying so hard right now! It would be a great idea for them to have a spinoff. And Elena runing away with Damon? It would be so brilliant! *swoon*


New it was an April Fools joke as soon as I saw the headline

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