The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Heart of Darkness"

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The Vampire Diaries took one step Forwood... and then a couple backward in the romance department on "Heart of Darkness."

How is our Round Table panel of Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Eric Hochberger and Dan Forcella feeling about events and characters these days? They chime in on the latest episode below...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The final one, only because I can legitimately say I didn't see it coming. The show has teamed up many characters in nearly three seasons, but a dark alter ego of Alaric's and the Original Witch taking on her daughter's form? Yeah. I couldn't have predicted this one.

Steve: The instant you knew Dark-laric had finally resurfaced. Matt Davis sold it with one look ... and help from a shift to more eerie Vampire Diaries music. But still.

Eric: This whole episode belonged to Alaric and Stefan. Do I really need to pick a scene? Fine, Klaus popping in and hilariously killing Alaric to make him pass out. I'm glad it didn't work and it was The Ripper to save the day.

Dan: Looking back, my favorite scene was probably the calm before the storm. It was Damon having a drink, shirt completely undone, looking out the window... and Elena completely taken by it.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

Hotter kiss: Delena or Forwood?
Matt: Hotter kiss? Delena. Hotter action after the kiss? Forwood. Sex underground will beat getting interrupted by your brother any time.

Steve: Delena. More of a surprise, and actually more of a plot advancement than I've come to expect from the world's slowest-evolving love triangle.

Eric: Two words for you: dungeon sex.

Dan: Delena. I'm over Forwood, and all for Klaroline. I'm so happy she kept the picture my boy Klaus drew for her. That's real love right there.

Grade the return of Rose.
Matt: Can I go lower than a F? She led them to a random vampire; she talked down to the audience; and she somehow claimed to Jeremy that she's "rooting" for Damon and Elena. Come on. They want us to believe the Other Side is just free to hang out and look down on events from the real world? Are they taking bets up there?

Steve: F. See spot-on tangent in Matt's review.

Eric: B. Relative to the last trip to Ghost World her visit was short, sweet and to the point. I deducted a few points for her terrible cliched relationship advice. But gave her back a little because, again, it was that much better than Ghost World.

Dan: I guess D. I wasn't as angry about the whole thing as some others, but the ease in which ghosts can return is kind of silly. Rose was pleasant enough in her return, but I wish they would have been able to get to Mary another way.

More surprising: Jeremy's inability to hit a pitching machine fastball, Caroline still having Klaus' drawing or the concluding Esther reveal?
Matt: My first answer covers this, so I'll ask a question instead: wasn't Jeremy compelled to forget most everything about Mystic Falls? He seemed well-versed right away in ghost whispering and the Originals here.

Steve: Are options A and B even surprising? Jeremy's not exactly a star athlete, and who would toss that work of priceless art? I definitely didn't see the Esther reveal coming, although her reappearance and "death" did seem a little too random and prompt.

Eric: Jeremy! I never knew there was a grown man out there with worse batting skills than me.

Dan: The final Esther reveal. I like that Dark-laric had me thinking back on the times Klaus was inside his body all episode long, but I still didn't have a clue Esther was in Rebekah until she stepped into the cave.

Should Matt hook up with Rebekah?
Matt: Yes. Yes. A million times... yes.

Eric: If Rebekah returns to her body? Absolutely. If not, it'd be the same as hooking up with Rob Schneider in Rachel McAdams' body. It may look right, but it'd just be wrong.

Steve: As Eric says, it depends who he's really hooking up with. As the old adage goes, if you're putting the movies on a middle-aged woman in Claire Holt's body, but unaware said body is being possessed by a middle-aged woman, does it matter?

Dan: Does this keyboard have volume? How loud can I type YES! I don't care if it's Esther, Rob Schneider or whoever else is in her body, go for it Matty!

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My favorite scene...gotta be the Delena kiss...all I can say is it's about time and replaced the first Spuffy hook up when they literally brought down the house as my favorite all time love scene. Personally I don't think the Rose cameo was really about finding out who sired was more an excuse for Elena to find out who Damon really was...the person he is when no one else is looking.
The Rose scene where Damon comforts her when she is dying is one of my all-time favorites. He revealed who he really was in that scene and he thought no one else would find out because Rose couldn't tell anyone. But now she has and Elena is seeing him for the person she suspected him to be all along. And I don't see the big deal about what she said either...some people feel she talked down to the have seen some comments on certain websites where you have to literally spell it out that Elena actually does have feelings for Damon because they constantly want to deny it. This felt no different to me. Despite that...some people will continue to complain that it isn't true love even though one thing that was pointed out was that they could be best thing for each other.So I grade it an A...because the real purpose was Delena not the bloodline and I love Rose anyway. Kinda over Forwood and want to see Caroline with Klaus. As for Jeremy I thought it was that they had compelled him to not be interested in returning to Mystic Falls not that he forgot everything about it. Of course that's just my personal interpretation of the could go either way. Caroline having the drawing wasn't all that surprising in hindsight but I really didn't expect Tyler's reaction to it. Matt and Rebekah? Matt is not a favorite of mine but if he can actually make Rebekah happy(she seems to have had no life at all really)then I'm all for it.


1. All of the Jeremy scenes! I've missed the youngest Gilbert so much!
2. Delena. Forwood is boring now. I want Klaus and Caroline more than Forwood.
3. I thought it was kind of pointless for her to come back.
4. Esther reveal! But it would not be Vampire Diaries if it didn't have some crazy plot twist at the end!
5. YES!


Agree with Dan, best scene was Elena's silent staring at Damon, every inch of Damon.
The Damon and Elena kiss was epic but in a down-to-earth way.
I give returning Rose an B+ because I'm glad she's happy.
Caroline still having Klaus's drawing surprised me the most. Especially when we know he threw a bunch of his own sketches into the fireplace. I felt like something wasn't quite right with Rebekahster.
Rebekahster should hook up with Evilaric. Two possessed beings hooking up? It would be so evil.


Delena!!!!!! When ate they gonna get together?? I am waiting for that moment....they have soooo much chemistry together and its awful how Damon always loses the women he loved, and Stefan always gets his way! So...whateva happens im just 'rooting' for DELENAAA Xoxo


well i loved the episode. i give it an A!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strawberry fields

Rose's return - well, it was less lame than some other ghosts (cough cough, Lexi, cough) and they had a good reason for contacting her, so I would give it a solid C. As for Forewood - Tyler totally overreacted in my opinion. Ok, yeah, keeping the drawing was not a good move from Caroline, but she never showed anything even remotely resembling being interested in Klaus. Plus the drawing was really cute, I would keep it too. Esther taking over Rebekah's body - I did not see that coming. I feel more sorry for her than ever. Only Matt is nice to her. And I have to say I really love that about him, even if he has a secret reason (like helping Caroline get a day off to have sex in the woods with Tyler). Should Matt hook up with Rebekah? Hell, YES!

Strawberry fields

Favourite scene - Elena kissing Damon. WOW. Go for it, girl! Second favourite - psycho Alaric showing up. This episode was annoying in a lot of ways, but it also had some things that I needed:
Shirtless Damon - check.
Hot Delena action - check.
Sexy Forewood reunion - check (before Tyler freaked out on Caroline).
Awesome psycho Alaric stuff - check.
More Kol - check. Hotter kiss - obviously Delena. But here's the thing - it has to happen and it's taking WAY TOO LONG. I agree with what Matt said in his review. Elena should make up her mind already and stop toying with everyone! And one more thing. How can you not know if you have feelings for someone? Let me tell you something. When a girl says "I don't know if I have feelings for you", it means "I DO have feelings for you. I just don't want to admit it". Come on, Elena, do it already and stop pissing us off!


1. All the scenes having Kol in them! Loved his comeback! Plus he beat Damon with a bball bat! Woot woot!
2. Delena.. On a relative scale -___-
3. B love Rose, but they pushed it a bit too much with the love triangle stuff she said to Jeremy! Take note writers! We aint dumb! We can easily psychoanalyze Elena and her ohsodifficult choice *sigh*
4. Well the canadian promo spoiled it for me, but still the Esther-Becka switch was still great
5. Well for the sake of Becka I'll say yes! Poor Bex doesnt get much joy! But I think Matt is too boring for the blonde bombshell!


1) Damon & Elena road trip: the bed & kiss scene + their fight scene.
2) It's definitely Delena kiss. It's epic, awesome and breathtaking moment.
3) I'd give it A, actually it was nice to see Rose again plus I love her conversation with Jermy even that she said what we all know still it was good to hear it out loud.
4) I'd choose Esther/Rebekah twist even that I felt something wrong about her (faking) death ( I was like: That's it! She came to die?!!) still I've never suspected something like this.
5)Actually I feel sorry for Rebekah and I feel like she sad she may have lived a 1000 years but the truth that its like she didn't live at all, I hope that if she'll get back to her body again that she'll has a better life.


Can someone please tell me WHERE THE HECK IS BONNIE?

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