The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Do Not Go Gentle"

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Wipe away those teams, viewers of The Vampire Diaries, it's time for the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table.

While many are still in mourning over certain events on "Do Not Go Gentle," panelists Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Dan Forcella and Eric Hochberger don't have time to grieve. There are questions to answer and opinions to state!

Follow along with them now and then chime in below with your own thoughts...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: I will assume we're all choosing the only real option here, so let me change up the question slightly: my favorite person NOT seen? Rose. Although it's comforting to know she's just chillin on The Other Side, munching on popcorn, taking notes on all the action below.

Steve: The look in Alaric's eyes after he feasted on Bon-Bon. Matt Davis is the best, but what made this particularly awesome, even by his standards, was that it really felt like his final farewell outside the tomb, making his revival a legitimately terrifying surprise, no doubt with severe consequences for others in coming episodes.

Dan: Is there an answer that doesn't involve our favorite inhabitants of Mystic Falls gathering around to stare intently as a certain school teacher says a quiet goodbye? Emotional doesn't even begin to describe it.

Eric: Unless there's some heartless jerk on the round table, I'm sure it's going to be a four0way unanimous vote for the tearful goodbye for Alaric outside that cave. We can admit it guys, who else was in tears?

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

Who looked best at the Decade Dance?
Matt: Clearly not Bonnie, seeing as Jamie chose not to tap that to close his night. I'm going with Tyler. The young man can seriously rock a fedora. Give him a Tommy Gun and he could be starring in Boardwalk Empire tomorrow.

Steve: Stefan Salvatore. That chiseled face, that perfectly coiffed hair, that dapper suit. That guy should totally be an actor.

Dan: Female: Caroline. Male: Klaus. Screw all of you and your Forwood, I'm Team Klaroline 'til I die. Which, as Matt pointed out in his review, would basically be never on this show.

Eric: Caroline Forbes. See exhibit HOT.

Write a toast to the old Alaric.
Matt: Here's to Alaric, a man whose time on this planet was too short, much like the nickname everyone insisted on referring to him by. A student of history, yet a teacher of no one, we salute this perpetual ring-bearer. Say hi to Anna for us.

Steve: There once was a man named Ric/Who befriended the ultimate dick/He tried to play nice/But was thusly killed thrice/And this time it sadly will stick.

Dan: He came, he taught, he slayed. Ric, you were the best partner-in-crime Damon could have asked for. You were not the best guardian Elena and Jeremy could have asked for. You've died and came back to life more times than any of us could dream of. You had a good run, and we can't wait to see your good pal Dark-laric join you in the afterlife.

Eric: Well, I'm going to hope this show has said goodbye to the old Alaric for real before I spend any more emotion and energy. That said... let's all raise our glasses to Ric. The greatest father-figure, funniest half of a bromance, most amazing history teacher and most mediocre vampire hunter this show has ever seen. May you fix the last one in your death.

Esther: Powerful and interesting or... just die already!
Matt: She must die already. It's becoming painfully clear that OW should no longer stand for Original Witch. With her incessant living and embodying, it now more aptly signifies Ohmygoodnesswhenisthisomniscientcharactergoing to go aWay?!?

Steve: Esther is too randomly powerful. I know it's a supernatural show and she's the original witch, but come on. We already have Bonnie conveniently around to cast or undo whatever spell needs undoing. Now we have an even stronger version making up rules and compelling Bonnie do stuff? It's just a little over the top.

Dan: Just die already, not only because the lack of true death is becoming an issue on TVD, but also because she really isn't interesting at all. Get outta here, Mommy.

Eric: Die already! Why have we not lopped off her head and stuck it in another box. Let's see The Other Side sew that one back on.

Who should Elena choose?
Matt: TV Fanatics say Damon and you know what I say: the reader is always right. Unless they had said Stefan. The answer is totally Big D.

Steve: Stefan. Caroline knows it and so does Elena. He's her everything. To borrow the old adage, there are undead mass murderers you have flings with, and ones you marry. Stefan is the one you marry.

Dan: Damon FTW!

Eric: Stefan! Did you listen to him in the gymnasium? His lines may have bordered on cheese, but I fell for every one.

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y'all are crazy. ELENA looked AMAZING at the dance. :)


Oh this is so hard and I'm just not used to it... shipping two couples: Forwood or Klaroline....When Tyler was on his ways I kinda was rooting for Klaroline because even Klaus is a psycho he's still so handsome and the way he talks...well he's just that great dangerous adventure for Caroline but I shipped Forwood so hard last season :( and Tyler is just like smokin hot himself! I really can't decide! Where I have made my choice is the Stelena or Delena question and I'm picking Stelena. They don't excite me too much but I like Stefan more than Damon! Ricks "dead" was very sad...I cried my fair share of tears but I kinda wished they would have just let him died! Jeremy back with his typical worried judging face was super annoying! Of couse it's totally understandable considering what he's been through the last years but I still dont want to see it! Great episode at any rates!


i liked the sierie of vampir dairies i love you daymon


the worst thing is that I'm STILL undecided about who i should ship!!! delena or stelena gahh


Damon, Damon, Damon...Stefan was her first love and Damon should be her last. They click like ham & eggs, bread & butter, gin & tonic. They adore each other and are pure sex!!!!


1) My favorite scene is the goodbye scene between Damon and Alaric and my 2nd favorite is Elena,Jeremy and Alaric goodbye and the scene whre everyone were there to say goodbye to Alaric. I still crie everytime I see these scenes or think about his death.
2) It's hard to say I think that for female categorie Elena & Caroline were gorgeous and for male categorie klaus & Stefan were handsome.
3) You was a good guy, Damon's best friend and a family for Elena & Jeremy We'll miss you and won't forget you.
4) Just die already, She ruined her sons' life the moment she turned them into vampires and now she wants to kill all vampires regardless of the fact that she'll kill the good among the bad, plus if I'll ever be able to understand that how can I ever understand her using Alaric and Bonnie to fulfill her plan and almost killing Matt & Jeremy in the process.
5) Damon for sure.


Standing ovation for Steve Marsi for: There once was a man named Ric
Who befriended the ultimate dick
He tried to play nice
But was thusly killed thrice
And this time it sadly will stick. Clever and classy!!!!




- I'm torn between the candle vigil for Alaric and the final Damon and Alaric scene. Both were beautifully done and man I love that bromance.
- bonnie and Matt.
- it involves alcohol right? You want this mord than I do.
-just die already. She's never been interesting. Now she's like a gnat that you keep swatting away.
-neither. I like both ships delena a bit more but at this point neither brother deserves the headache.


Elena should choose Damon

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