The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 110

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It's time to name another winner of our Vampire Diaries Caption Contest.

This week, while the material was ripe for many jokes about Stelena vs. Delena - and Justin Bieber, and Titanic 3D, apaprently - we've awarded the top prize to user "Leslie." Why? She went all real-life historical reference on us! Very well played.

View the top submission below and prepare to top if next edition. We run a new contest every Friday.

Elena Crying

Stefan (thinking): I should have seen this coming. No Roaring Twenties without a Great Depression in tow.

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Thanks @ Allison Berry Barbieri!


Elena, sobbing: First Vickie, then Carolyn, then Jenna, now Alaric -- why does everyone get to be a vampire but me?


Elena: Damn that Selena Gomez! Justin Bieber should be MY boyfriend!


Elena: Oh why can't the Porter boys leave the Hamptons to make the show more interesting?
Stefan: People be asking the same thing of you.
Elena: What?


Elena [sobbing]: Six of my parents died....
Stefan: I ate my father to death. I win.


Elena: Oh, Stefan! Why did your humanity have to come back? Why couldn’t you just stay evil the way Klaus compelled you to be? You’re making everything so difficult!
Stefan: Remind me again why I fell in love with you…?


Elena: Noooo, not another dance in Mystic Falls! Someone is going to die and everyone will blame me!!


Elena: Jenna is gone, Ric is gone…what am I going to do now, Stefan? – I don’t know how to cook!

Allison berry barbieri

@Karen, lol!


Team Delena all the way!😄

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Vampire Diaries Quotes

Stefan: You're coming with me?
Damon: It's Elena.

Klaus: it’s time. Thank you Elena. Elena: Go to hell.