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The main premise of "Angry Andy" was a smart, if extremely late, idea. Get rid of the Andy Bernard we have been forced to watch in this season of The Office. He has been lame and has never very funny.

Bringing back his anger management issue was a pleasant change of pace for a character that desperately needed something different. Will this be a permanent fix for the character and/or the series? Probably not, but it worked for this half hour.

Andy Getting Angry

Andy from the rest of this season would have taken the beating from the conference room impotence meeting, letting it roll off his back. That wouldn't have been nearly as entertaining as watching him yell and scream, throw things and finally punish the wall in the exact same spot he did back before his first stint in anger management.

I'm not saying this was comedy gold, it was just an upgrade from the disasterous arc Andy and Erin were going through up to this point in the season.

Do you know what WAS closer to gold? B.J. Novak. I know many of you aren't on my Ryan bandwagon, but this week proved yet again that Novak can handle a larger load. If Creed or Nate* were to be given as much material as Ryan had this week, it might be over doing it, but the layers to which Novak plays the character bring more and more laughs with each sentence he utters.

*Nate is becoming Creed 2.0, as his preference for Ravi to Ryan without ever meeting the former was absolutely hilarious.

Between his blatant jealousy of a man stealing the woman he honestly can't stand, the constant need for attention, his lavish gesture on the horse, and the subtle remarks about the probability of cheating on Kelly while professing his love for her, Ryan Howard was extremely entertaining this week.

Pam throwing water on Ryan's flame for Kelly was a nice addition, especially when it ended in boos and hisses when she saw him on the horse. The main question has to be: why bring Sendhil Ramamurthy in for one scene? He was good in it, but he seems more like someone you bring in for a multi-episode arc.

"Angry Andy" also gave us the great physical comedy of Kevin in Andy's sweater, Nellie refusing to leave her post as manager that she somehow snaked her way into and the brilliance that was Dwight Schrute reporting meaningless information back to Nellie.

It was certainly an improvement on last week's episode, but was it enough to bring The Office back to comedy relevance? What did you all think of the half hour? After checking out the best lines in our The Office quotes section, come back here to leave your thoughts in the comments.


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I fucked Nellie up the ass...


I hated the character of Robert California from the beginning, for his own sake, and because I hated James Spader's character on Boston Legal. Nellie is irritating, but Catherine Tate plays that well. A little goes a long way, though, and I would like to see both Tate and Spader off the show for good. It is time for the show to end; one more season could wrap up the main characters' stories, but I would not be too disappointed if the show does not return.




The Office has now jumped the shark while riding on a shark...
Catherine Tate is just God awful.


I absolutely hate what the Office has become. It used to be a show that was funny and that you had affection for. The fact that you were able to have some affection for all the characters was so rare in a tv show that it made this show great. It all started to go wrong with Idris Elba and the addition of Erin was a real dip. Although she's had her moments and is definitely appealing on some levels, her basic schtick is that she's dumb; that can only go so far. The Andy-Erin storyline has been utterly retarded (and I mean to the show's development) in the same way the last couple of seasons of Friends was ruined by the stupid Ross-Rachel storyline. No-one cares about Andy and Erin because they are not really relatable characters. The show has committed suicide with the addition of Catherine Tate who has somehow fashioned a career as a comedian out of next to no discernible talent. I've seen her BBC show and it was awful. It's no surprise to me that she's ruined this show as well. OF course the writers, who seem to have totally run out of ideas, are also to blame. I've read criticism of the UK version of the Office saying how well the US writers have stretched their version out over 8 seasons, but this totally overlooks the principle behind Gervais and Merchant's decision not to prolong the original Office - they, as John Cleese in Fawlty Towers - saw the benefit of quitting while they were ahead (of course, it's ironic that Ricky Gervais seems incapable of this anymore, that whole "mongo" thing and the show about the disabled guy for example) and not ruining something by dragging it out for the sake of making money.


We need to have michael scott come back or something, i really hope that Nellie doesn't return whatsoever in the next season because she actually made me dread watching my favourite show.. :(


I hate this show now - because of Cathurine Tate.


I do not find Nellie funny at all. Her perverse demeanor and shrill voice are quite annoying actually.


Thanks largely to Catherine Tate, this was one of the better episodes this season. Nellie Bertram is exactly what the manager's desk needs. Robert California has been lacking since he joined the show, but Nellie has brought out some of his best performances so far. Catherine Tate and Rainn Wilson play well off each other and brought some good laughs to the episode. If anyone can keep The Office going, it will be Catherine Tate. If the show can return to its original mockumentary style with Tate, all will be well on The Office.


Omg that last episode was HILLARIOUS!!!! I do not realy enjoy Nellie but I guess Im goin give her some slack. After all, she wasn't the one throughing a temper tantrum.