The Killing Review: Who's Your Daddy?

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Life is filled with its conflicts, disappointments and failures - and The Killing grips onto them with its rain soaked fingers and refuses to let go. It prefers to illustrate characters digging their way back to the top, searching for redemption and purpose amidst the never-ending hunt for Rosie's killer, even if at times the world they live in throws them another shovel to deepen their own holes.

Yet if Rosie's killer is eventually discovered, and we might find ourselves satisfied, will Stan? Will Linden? Will any of the characters' be able to smile again? Live again?

For Stan and Mitch, it seems as if coping is the only mechanism that could be used during their time of grief. I can't imagine losing a child and the many effects it would have on my life; clearly for both Larsen parents, it's influenced their day to day in drastically different ways.

Stan Larsen Picture

Stan has been proactive in his actions, but his efforts aren't meeting the cheery results he might be looking for. His mob connections are resurfacing, his kids are becoming distanced and annoying, and now he might be going to prison. I feel for the guy because no matter how hard he tries, nothing is really working out in his favor and his two children may soon lose another parent.

I certainly don't blame Stan for running to Terry, Mitch's younger sister. She's been there for Stan, she's been there for the boys, and she's shown a certain care, concern and love. Should Stan have kissed her? It probably would have gone farther if not for the phone call, but it's understandable because she's been there for him. There's so much on his plate that he just needs that extra person by his side. And it's not like he never tried contacting his wife.

Mitch seems lost in drama la la land, on her own mission that excludes everyone around her, including taking care of the two kids that she still has. I understand she might not be handling the situation as well as her husband and acting selfish in her needs. If that's how the character is supposed to be written, the show has done a good job in making me dislike her.

Helping a girl in need? I know she wants her daughter back, anyone would, but you still have two kids, Mitch! If it was a guy saying all of those things to the girl, telling her where he's staying, offering to meet up for dinner, and giving her weird looks, most people would probably think creepy with a side of horror flick. In her mind, she's searching for the "why," but it's hard for me to watch and not want her to get off her ass and go back to her family. Good luck with the soul searching, I guess.

As for Linden, she was faced with a perfectly direct quote from her former husband, "You care more about that dead girl than you do about your own son." Harsh? Perhaps, but if Linden really wanted to, she could drop everything for her son. Is it the case that draws her back or the loss of a child that torments her, because right now, she does have her child, but might just end up losing him in her personal process.

I love her determination and I don't deny her love for Jack, but something has to give. She even looked more in the wrong for preparing to the call the cops. I truly wonder if once Linden finds Rosie's killer, if she will be done with police work for good.

And like most episodes, the murder plot line continued the gradual pace that sometimes felt like it was dragging its feet. I don't expect to know the big reveal in this episode or the next, but it would be nice to learn something or see them putting pieces together before the last few minutes.

I'm glad Alexi talked (he'll probably wind up dead for cooperating with the police, as most seem to on TV) and I've got a hunch that the black luxury car Rosie was afraid of probably belongs to the Mayor. That would ultimately retie the political campaign back up in the case making it relevant again.

But it was Alexi's final words that did shock me. Stan isn't the father? Should we consult Maury Povich on this one? I was expecting something more like Stan was really in charge of the mob instead of Janek, or Stan was doing something with the girls of Beau Soleil. So, if not Stan, then who? Someone we've seen before? It was certainly a twist to end the episode.

"Ghosts of the Past" tried to haunt up more problems for its characters and persist in making their lives difficult. It's going to be tough for anyone to move forward and with a few key points about Rosie, there's clearly more to her death than a simple murder. If anything, the show certainly works as an alternative take to regular procedurals and is decent enough when it doesn't become bogged down by over drama. I just hope further episodes spend a little more time on working the case instead of everyone looking so sad all the time.


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@Genevieve, Hi Gen. Aunt Terri got in a limo too, but the girl with mitch also got into a black sedan. Must be all they drive in Seattle. Must have something to do with all the rain... or maybe the lousy writing ;-)


Richmond as the father? Please people. The dark sedan is carrying Jasper's dad, the one Terri was having an affair with as hinted in Season 1. The guy Terri's dad warns her is not going to be there for her. He met Terri through Beau Soleil, and therefore probably also "dated" Rosie through Beau Soleil, hence why she recognized him on the ferry. He's probably also Rosie's killer, maybe after she tried to blackmail him (telling his wife, kid, or the Richmond campaign where she volunteered about his adultery) into giving her the money so she could run away from her hated family. He could have used his connections as the Mayor's money guy and favored property developer (for the new waterfront development) to get the Mayor's flunkies to cover up the killing as it would jeopardize the election. And I'm sure they didn't mind since they could pin it on Richmond. And Rosie's father is either Janek or someone else in the mob. Maybe Alexi's dad, but doubtful.


@Sara That wasn't the Rosie look-alike that got into the black sedan. It was Aunt Terri.


I also like the theory of Richmond being her father. But if that was the case, Mitchell wouldn't have thought he was the killer back in season 1... anyway, who knows with that show.


Could Rosie's father be Alexi's father? Maybe that would explain why Stan killed him back then.


The one lead we have on Rosie's father is that it could be Richmond; we saw a tense, puzzling exchange between him and Mitch in a grocery store during season 1 that implied they had a history together. Could Mitch have a past similar to Rosie's? Speaking of Mitch, is her storyline really about her grief? I don't think so at all. I think she's trying to find out what happened to her daughter -- her own investigation, if you will. And given what I've said above, could she be putting herself in compromising situations for that reason, and in doing so actually returning to her old way of life (but with a different purpose)? Was that Belko in the dream sequence? I thought it was Holder, which would open up all sorts of implications. I also think that the teen waiting for Holder may imply they've known each other before. Two interesting questions: What happened between them in the interim between that scene and Holder's arrival at Linden's temporary digs? And who is making noises and shutting off the hallway lights in that place?


Do these cops even want to solve this anymore? a teenager in the interrogation room out toughs the veteran cops by acting decades older and more experienced than his 17 years... just like all the other teenagers. The same kid later sneaks into Holders car unseen by the cop who is there to do only one thing - watch for the kid! They turn away Stan Larson because he sees the kid in the holding cell - his timing is unbelievable - and of course he didn't call first to see if the detectives were even there. And speaking of ridiculous coincidences, the preternaturally mature teen with the tattoo says Rosie ducked away from a black sedan, and lo and behold, the Rosie stand in Mitch just happens upon at her hotel, is picked up by a... black sedan. These coincidences aren't even vaguely interesting. And now we find Stan isn't Rosie's father. Must be high school kids plotting this out... or as someone else said, soap opera writers.


"2)Stan comes in to tell Linden an entire list of names, confess to who knows what, and Linden tells him to GO HOME?" Yeah. That bugged me too. There were plenty of other things to be bugged about, but that one was pretty big.


Re. Mitch questioning the girl at the hotel, "most people would probably think creepy with a side of horror flick." Sure. And to the writers' credit, the girl seemed as suspicious of Mitch as she should have been. Interestingly, the function of that scene seemed to be less about insight into Mitch than preparation for the girl getting into what looked like the same black limo that Terry later climbed into. Is every single woman in Seattle a prostitute? "1)that lip-synching scene in the diner, the table for two filled with empty plates and glasses ... I mean that scene was so cheesy I was embarrassed for the characters, the actors, and especially the writers," The problem with most of the scenes with Rosie's family is that they're too obvious, too cliched, and way too long. This one didn't especially bother me ... but on the other hand I watched most of it on 2X speed. "2)Stan comes in to tell Linden an entire list of names, confess to who knows what, and Linden tells him to GO HOME?" Yeah, that bugged me too.


This series is kind of like the most recent trio of Star Wars movies - all we wanted to see wwas Darth Vader and Obi-Wan fight. We didn't really care about the first two movies! That said, could Stan Larsen be the killer? Maybe the fact that Rosie isn't his blood daughter had something to do with it? Maybe he was one of the Johns she had as a customer?

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