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Have to hand it to BBT writers also for bringing Howard such a long way in a realistic fashion. The character lives with his MOM in a 70's-style bedroom complete w/black lacquer headboard. At the beginning of BBT, his attitude toward women was just...*shudder*. How the writers EVER came up w/the sweetheart, Bernadette, I'll never know. But, the two are a perfect match. Howard & Bernadette Forever!


I think Penny's face expressed perfectly what the audience felt upon hearing Howard's speech to Bernadette. OMG! They SO deserve to get married and buy their own house. 2 scientists can definitely afford it, and I think it would be hilarious to see how they would decorate their little Pasadena bungalow.

@eunsilrose - Sailor Moon Girl was at Comic-Con.


Sorry Carla, you said party.... Still didn't hear party .... Maybe i have to watch it again for the third time.

And for a bunch of geeky guys, I thought it was a reasonable type of bachelor party, for a group that size.

I remember hearing Howard talk about sleeping with his cousin and the lady of the night in Las Vegas, but I don't remember hearing about the sailor moon girl.... Which episode was that in?


@Carla, I don't think the girls actually said they were having a bachelorette party, I think they were just hanging out because the guys were busy.

And now that Howard mentioned it, he really has grown as a character...remember creepy Howard from the first few episodes of season one? He's much more endearing now.

Loved seeing captain sweat pants again, and he wasn't in sweat pants this time.

Loved the George takei reference by will Wheaton.

And I always love me some good Leonard and Penny, my favorite couple!


Great episode!
One question, did they change the sets? It felts like the appartments were different...


Great show, but the Sheldon drunk speach wasn't funny at all (awful moment)...


even drunk sheldon is awesome, after 100000 episodes with a massive sheldon story, im happy that he wasnt the main thing this week

Penny should have had sex with him on the wasching maschine ;)

What Howard said was sooooooooo beautiful and I reacted the same way as penny did (even with a high voice)


I don't think they were watching Howard's video, but I can't remember what they were doing with the telephone too...

I'm glad that for once, Howard's and Bernadette's problem wasn't resolved at the end of the episode with a humoristic bit, letting us all wonder why she still stays with him. I loved Howard's apology, made me wish for the first time that this wedding happens =)


I don't remember the girls seeing it on the internet either. I love this show. Yes Howard was awesome with the apology.


I don't remember that scene with the girls watching the youtube video. (The picture above) When did that happen?

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